Wednesday Randoms + Calling all NON-veggie lovers!!

Hello and Happy Wednesday to you guys! I couldn’t be more excited that we’re halfway through this crazy work week! It’s been a little bit since I’ve shared some of my crazy random life with you, so today is your lucky day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve got lots of randomness to share with you so here we go!

I’ve been doing a workout program called T25 the past few weeks and absolutely LOVE it! It’s 25 minute long workouts and they’re literally non-stop the entire time. BUT, it goes by so fast that it’s probably my most favorite at-home workout I’ve ever done. You really break a sweat each time and usually within just the first few minutes. Is there anything better than a good sweat session? I think not.

We’ve also been getting in some really great gym sessions too! With all the crazy rain we were having for what felt like weeks, we had to do something to get our bodies moving more. So the gym won! I’ve been using the treadmill for my speed work and it’s working out perfectly. I can’t seem to go longer than 4 miles on the treadmill right now, because I just get too bored lately. But, it’s just enough time to get in some free weights and machines too when I finish up my runs.

I’m also obsessed with my SPIBelt flex. It has earphone holes! Best.running.invention.ever.

We went to Two Rivers the other day (Okay, we basically go every day….) and Nick decided he was randomly in the mood for a run. So we walked 2.5 miles, then ran 3.5 It was fabulous! We even stopped halfway and did as many push-ups as we could in 1 minute. Push-ups have to be the worst. I could only do 22 in one minute. But, that’s better than none….right?

(Nick makes me run way faster than I normally do. It’s awesome but terrible all at the same time.)

I’ve recently become addicted to roasting my veggies. Have you ever tried this before? I just want to let you know that if you are NOT a veggie fan THIS will be your way to work them into your diet. They’re DELICIOUS! Has anyone ever said broccoli was delicious? Probably not….but roasted broccoli is another story. SO delicious and crispy and flavorful. I also am a major fan of roasted sweet potatoes. But, how could a sweet potato taste bad? I’m not sure.

Anyways, all you do for roasted veggies is pre-heat the oven to 425. Then slice your veggies up around the same size for each piece so they all roast evenly. Then drizzle with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Mix it all around and WALAAAAA! You’re good to go! Just set your timer of 10 minutes, then take them out and mix them around on the tray. Then put them back in for about 5-10 more minutes to finish roasting. Once the edges are a little bit brown, they’re done. You don’t want to roast them too long, so you don’t kill all of their nutrients either. But, try this and I promise you’ll be hooked.

The options are endless….roasted asparagus, roasted cauliflower, roasted zucchini, roasted EVERYTHING!!

You’re welcome friend.

Literally…can’t stop….and won’t stop.

I’ve also been highly obsessed with sushi lately. OOoooohhhh my goodness. I can’t go a day without it! Veggie rolls are my #1 favorite and then #2 is definitely Tempura Shrimp. Fresh Market scores high in the “fresh” sushi department and saves the day every single time. Also, another fantastic way to get some veggies in! WIN, WIN!

We’ve also been getting our breakfast date on as of lately. There’s this cute little place called “The Root” downtown and it’s all super fresh, local farm to table food. I’ve never had anything I didn’t like there. And their pancakes and coffee are heavenly.

We also order bagels to go sometimes from Panera for breakfast, and they literally sent us home with the biggest bag ever the other day. There was 1 tiny box of bagels in this gigantic bag!

We are THOSE people. The Whole Foods people know us probably as the banana couple because we buy any and all spotty bananas every time we go in. I mean, you can never have enough in my opinion.

Favorite post run pose lately. I could probably fall asleep this way too.

Cooper’s favorite post……everything pose. He loves to lay in baskets so I put his dog bed in the laundry basket and it was basically his favorite thing ever. He’s a cooper taco. (And he’s weird! Ha!)

Just a little cousin FaceTime session. No biggie.

Clearly Oliver wasn’t as interested as the other two. He’s easily distracted.

To wrap up this lovely random post, this made my day. (It doesn’t take much to amuse me! ;)) But, seriously– you know you laughed a little on the inside.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!

Questions for YOU:

Are you a sushi fan?

What’s your favorite post-run pose?

Do you roast your veggies? If so, what’s your favorite roasted veggie?

Any races coming up for you?

I think I’m going to sign up for a local 5k in the next few weekends I just found on’s calendar! 5ks are so much fun and such a great way to start off a weekend.

As always, From Chelsea