Dear January…

One of my goals for 2017 is to write a note to each month that passes to remember to slow down and be present for each and every moment (as much as possible). The years just seem to fly by so fast, it’s hard to remember those 30 days or so are filled up with so many different wonderful memories along the way. So, I’d like to document them here with you, to help me stay on top of my gratitude for this year (as that’s of course one of my goals for 2017). Because, without gratitude our health isn’t worth much–if anything at all, am I right? I’d like to think so for sure.

I started you off with a hefty list of goals for the very first month of this new year. I’m happy to say I marked a few off my to-do list, including some super exciting things coming to >>this blog<< SUPER soon! ((Make sure to stay tuned for more on this later!))

The month began with exciting news that I get to represent some of my most favorite brands this coming year, SpiBelt, Nuun and Runningluv–on their ambassador teams! I can’t wait to bring my love for these amazing products to you guys in the next few months. I promise, you’ll love them just as much as I do and there’ll even be a little something extra for you in there too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Once again…stay tuned!

Kicked off the shiny new year and month with some seriously foggy but wonderful solo miles…

..And took advantage as much as possible for as much outside time as we could get, no matter the weather.

…Even when it was pouring down rain for the first 2 weeks straight of you, dear January.

…That ultimately forced us inside to actually USE our gym membership that we’ve been paying for each month. Treadmill miles definitely won this month, but not necessarily in such a bad way.

I used you for getting back to my base mileage to train for my upcoming half, the Little Rock Half marathon in just a few short weeks.

You brought us plenty of breakfast dates at our favorite cute spot, The Root Cafe.

…Along with making our fair share of our own yummy dinners to soak up these last few weeks in our 3rd flip house.

I found a whole new love for roasted veggies a few weeks into the new year to meet another goal–to add more veggies into the year. I hope to see plenty more of you in my future, yummy roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes.

…And of course, didn’t slack on my daily superfoods, Shakeology. I’ve been taking part of the Beachbody Health Bet this month by logging 5 Shakeology’s a week and at least 3 workouts. So far, so good!

Followed up with starting a new at-home workout program to throw into the mix, Focus T25.

Hiked a few mountains here and there to soak up Arkansas’ natural beauty.

All while staying hydrated as can be. Mountain Valley water has made it’s way into 2017 with a bang.

Even enough treadmill miles, to run my first 5k of the year for Virtual Charity Runs to save the Bostons! Such a great cause, and such a wonderful way to kick off the new racing year.

Ate my fair share of delicious Tempura Shrimp sushi.

And even found a new favorite chocolate chip cookie to add to the weekly grocery list.

These two got their first bath of the year to start it off squeaky clean. You would’ve thought I was murdering them by the way they looked the entire time. But, come on–have you seen anything cuter? They thanked me later for feeling fresh and clean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

While we kept our house show ready with fresh January blooms to spruce up our showings, that ultimately led to more 2nd showings and even a few offers!

Then finally the sun came out to warm us up with strange (but welcomed) Spring like weather in January.

You didn’t have to tell us twice to get outside and soak up this perfect weather and sunny sunshine. We wrapped you up, dear January, with a 20 mile bike ride today to finish off strong. I’m pretty sure that may be the longest ride I’ve ever got in, and it was well worth every twist and turn and sweat drop! So refreshing to mix up my workouts with using different leg muscles than my regular running legs.

You weren’t too shabby January, and I hope you’re a great predictor for the year ahead.

As always, From Chelsea