Dear February… + SOLD + New obsessions

I blinked and February was gone! I guess the whole “28 days” thing totally threw me off. But, none the less, February was a busy one. Busy, but good I should say.

Let’s recap February in my love note to the extra short month.

Dear February, you started off healthy and strong with my newfound obsession with oatmeal.

When I say obsession, I mean addiction. As in several mornings started off looking exactly like this one. Apples and peanut butter in hot oatmeal=heaven in a bowl.

Also, with stocking up with some super yummy healthy groceries to keep me on track. Fresh produce anyone?

We’ve been trying to add in as much “organic” and “free range/roaming/pasture fed” meat into our diet. Also, trying to get in a good dose of fermented foods and bone broth as well.

While my obsession with oatmeal grew, so did an obsession with this giraffe. Meet April–the pregnant giraffe from NY that I can’t seem to stop watching go into labor “at any moment”. Please tell me I’m not the only one….

We also enjoyed your Spring-like February weather, dear February. with our fair share of sunny walks/runs. This view never gets old.

Of course, mixed in a few good yoga sessions.

And loved looking at the early Spring blooms. How gorgeous are these daffodils?

I sure wish they lasted longer, but they’re pretty while they’re here.

I also learned that basketball just isn’t my sport. Nick played all throughout his childhood and into high school and can still shoot like a pro. Me on the other hand….well I should probably just stick to running.

I could probably go pro if eating pancakes was a sport.

Suckered Nick into a movie date for Valentine’s Day this year. Recliners at the movies should’ve been invented LONG AGO!

While this kid is happy as can be with his red ball dates.

We also snuck off a few hours out of town one weekend to a museum in NW Arkansas called the “Crystal Bridges Museum”. It had this crazy sculpture and I couldn’t stop staring. He literally looked like he was going to blink any minute. INSANE. I can’t draw a stick figure so these artists are absolutely amazing to me.

We also had a sushi picnic date at the park. I could probably survive on sushi alone. This kind only though. Tempura Shrimp is the absolute best.

Again, with the view. It’s supposed to be Winter right? …..

Practiced a few good handstands.

Like I said, PRO in pancake eating may be my calling. These are from our favorite place “The Root” and hit the spot every time. So fluffy, and so good!

We celebrated this cute guy’s birthday in February and it was fabulous in every way. Just like him. (We just daydreamed about the beach since we weren’t REALLY there.)

Ate a few more bowls of deliciousness.

Then filled the rest of my meals with tons and tons of roasted veggies. Seriously, I know I’ve said it before but roasted veggies have convinced me to be a veggie lover. Toss it in olive oil, salt and pepper and it all tastes SOOOO good. Trust me, and try it.

I also stepped up my bracelet game in February with these super cute bracelets from my Stepmom, Brandi!

…Had a few too many cups of this. What is it about coffee that just makes you feel so good inside bright and early in the morning?

Tried to balance out the pancakes, with fresh salads just like this one.

I even attempted my first whole chicken. It actually tuned out DELICIOUS!

Recipe coming your way soon!

For our 2nd February celebration, it was THIS guy’s birthday too! He turned the big 9! This picture was from when he was just a tiny little guy and fluffy as can be.

I also got in some treadmill runs and speed work while I REALLY stepped up my cross training game this month too! I’m super excited to see some progress there. I’ve been trying to mix in all kinds of different machines to keep my muscles guessing and you know what? I kinda think it’s working! I’ve been sore, but in a good way which makes me feel like I’m doing something! Love it.

Oh and then THIS happened. Yep, we’re on the move again–per the usual. Flipping houses never gets old either. I love the feeling of a fresh start every so often. Even if it does mean that we live out of boxes sometimes. (Not literally, but is sure feels like it.)

But, to end things I’ll just keep waiting for this dang giraffe to give birth. Any day now April, any day. I need to get back to my life OKAY? Ya know, like packing and moving!

I hope your February was wonderful in every way! Here’s to hoping March will be just as awesome!

As always, Chelsea

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