Spring Race Schedule + Training + Brooks Pure Flows

Hi there! How’s your week so far? Hopefully going well! Things around here have been changing like crazy which you’ve probably noticed as I haven’t been able to blog as frequently! That’s in the works though as I have some exciting new updates coming up for this here blog, so make sure to keep up! 😉 I know I’ve said that before but this time, I really really mean it! Stay tuned!

First things first, let’s talk about my upcoming race schedule for the S P R I N G! Speaking of, who else is super excited we’re officially into the best season ever? I’m SO excited to see the pretty blooms everywhere and get a little bit warmer. (But not TOO warm, remember last Summer?…Yeah no fun.)

We’ve been seeing some early Spring here in Arkansas as it’s been warmer than normal this Winter, and we really only had one “snow” day….if you’d even call it that. Shame, shame. I sure do love a good snow day. But I’m totally down for the longer, sunny days and of course Spring racing season!!

I have quite a few race days on my “wish list” and if all goes well I’ll hopefully be signed up for every single one of these! A few 5k’s a 10k and a HALF MARATHON!! Yippee!! AND it’s a fast and flat course. What could be better, right? Those 2 words sucked me right into throwing that baby on my race calendar. I’m excited!

So, I started officially training this week, as in yesterday was Day #1. I’m kind of winging my own little training schedule and I hope it works out! I have 8 weeks until race day which I think is plenty of time as I’ve been running consistently for the past few months since my full marathon in October. Plus, I’m SUPER excited to see how those 5k’s and 10k turn out to see if I can manage some PR’s out of them.

As far as my training plan goes it’ll look a little something like this:

Monday: Speed work + Upper body

Tuesday: Longer distance weekly run

Wednesday: Hill work

Thursday: Easy Run + Legs


Saturday: Long run

Sunday: Rest day

I’ll also be throwing in my Beachbody workouts too on the easier days to keep my cross training up! And, not to mention machines/free weights at the gym too!

I’m thinking if I can stick to this plan for the most part, I should be good to go come race day. My goal for this half marathon is to PR at 2:10. My PR right now is 2:12 so I’m SO close I can almost reach it. 😉 Now, I just have to commit early and SIGN UP for this bad boy. I’m not missing out on this one, promise.

In other news, we sold our house! And onto the next flip we go. We have one in the works as we speak, so if the inspection goes well and every other hoop we have to jump through during the closing period we should be in it in just a few short weeks! YAY! Always on the move.

Cooper really isn’t all that impressed though with being on the move..well..ever..

While we’ve had a little bit of down time, I’ve been able to get in some good reading. This Beautiful Money book by Leanne Jacobs is AMAZING!! I highly recommend it if you are into reading about finances and things of that nature. (#daveramseynerdalert) Also, I’m borrowing this Lauren Graham book from my Gracie friend because I got it for her birthday a few months ago and she LOVED it! So here’s hoping I’ll love it too! I’m sure there’s no doubt I will because >>Gilmore Girls!

We’ve also been soaking up the extra time in the afternoons with some grogeous walks around town. Is this view not stunning? So so pretty! You can see our tiny downtown, Little Rock! Daylight savings time kicked my butt this time last week, but I think I’m finally getting used to it THANK GOODNESS.

I FINALLY bit the bullet and thought I’d start off the racing season with some new shoes! The Brooks PureCadence 6! I got a gift card to Fleet Feet for Christmas and have been saving it until I found “the one”! I know, life or death decision right? Ha! Not even close. But I take my gift card shopping to running stores VERY SERIOUSLY.

These are SO lightweight and extremely comfortable with their more “natural” fit. I ran for the first time in them yesterday and they definitely did the job. I can’t wait to get more miles in them and see how they go on long runs. Brooks always know the way to my heart, even after changing up to Asics last time–I had to go back good ol’ Brooks.

And all the praise hands for berry season being back in business!! Hip Hip Hooray for fresh delicious strawberries!! Be prepared to see many a berry here on the blog, that’s for sure! I could live solely on these things. Please, tell me I’m not the only one.

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with a quote that made me stop right in my tracks. It’s good isn’t it? Something to keep in mind as this fresh new season kicks off.

Have a fabulous day friends! Let’s talk soon!

As always, From Chelsea

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