Weekend Wonders + Runner's thoughts + 6 miles

Sundays might be my favorite day of the week. Or maybe Saturday? No wait, Fridays–definitely Fridays. Maybe just the whole weekend is always my favorite. Yeah…that sounds about right.

I hope your weekend is/was just wonderful! Ever since we sold the last flip house we’ve had a few days off so we’ve been soaking up our “lazier” weekends. They don’t last for long because it seems like our “in between” periods fly by and then we’re into another house with projects galore. So for now, I’ll soak up the slower days.

This weekend started off with a 2 mile walk around 2 rivers Saturday morning. It was warm, sunny and bright. Just the way I like it.

I also got the best mail delivery yesterday too! Isn’t fun mail the best? Momentum Jewelry is one of my favorite things to get pre-race. It really makes a world of difference when I’m mid tough-run and need a little pick-me-up thought and glance down at my cute little “cheerleader” bracelets. Love them!

We spent most of Saturday relaxing because we got to hang out with Brooklyn all day Friday to wrap up her Spring break! She’s seriously the best, so sweet and fun! I love being an Aunt!

She got to pretend to be a weather girl at the Museum of Discovery and absolutely loved it! How cute is she?

We kicked off this morning with a coffee date.

Then, we headed to the gym for a bit for an upper body workout before our run. I’m trying SOOOO hard to get these noodle arms to be something other than…well… noodles. Slow progress, but a little is better than none. Any tips? I’m all for any advice I can get. What workout do you think works for your arms the best?

We got seriously lucky with the weather today because our long run was FABULOUS!! It was so warm (but not too hot!) with a slight breeze and we felt like we were flying the whole time! Nick volunteered to come with me so I just couldn’t say no! We wanted to get in a good solid long run before our 10k next weekend. This was just what I needed to get myself going into race week. I’m super excited to see how next weekend turns out on race day. Fingers crossed for good weather and light-as-a-feather legs! šŸ˜‰

I was so impressed with our splits too! When I run with Nick, he paces me so well and gets me to push myself much harder than I normally do. But, to be quite honest, I’m really noticing a difference in treadmill runs and outside runs. It may have something to do with the pollen, but goodness gracious I feel a lot faster inside! These paces were pretty good for me though to be an outside run. There was definitely an incline mile 5. Hills are my enemy.

Then I had a hot date with my post-run besties.

Oh and not to mention, a super hot date with this guy! Potbelly has the BEST sandwiches. Tell me you’ve been there? SO good! Turkey sandwiches know the way to my heart. (Or stomach?)

Now it’s time for a good ole’ Weekend Wonders Edition! Let’s get to it! {This is where I share my most favorite internet finds of the week with you. So, grab a yummy drink and get cozy!}

1.) This man seriously finishes 13.1 miles in A BUSINESS SUIT!! Say what?? Yep. Impressive. >>>http://www.runnersworld.com/newswire/dude-in-business-suit-crushes-nyc-half-in-record-time

2.) I couldn’t agree more with this article on 20 things runner’s know. We sure are a weird bunch, Ha!


3.) NO seriously, I think this article came out of my brain at the grocery store. Check out “30 thoughts runners have at the grocery store.” NEVER and I repeat NEVER got grocery shopping post-run. I hope you can learn SOMETHING from my blog! šŸ˜‰


4.) I did this 7-minute Yoga with Adriene session after my run earlier and it felt so good to stretch, cool down and just sink deep into each move. Try it! (If you haven’t already!)

5.) This is me, but with Girl Scout Cookies. Tag-a-longs or Samoas anyone? Geez, those things have crack in them or something. Ugh. #cantstopwontstop

Enjoy the rest of your day friends! We’ll catch up again soon!

Questions for YOU:

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

What’s the craziest outfit you’ve seen at a race? Have you ever worn a fun costume?

What Starbucks drink is your favorite?

I’m a Caramel Machiatto type of girl.

As always, From Chelsea

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