What I bring with me on a short run

Most of the time when you think of going for a run, you think all you need is your running shoes and you’re out the door, right? WRONG. There’s actually a lot more that goes into “going for a run.” Now don’t get me wrong, running is one of the easiest sports to jump into because of it’s “simplicity” and “lack of” equipment needed. There’s no doubt either that your running shoes are the single most important thing you need when you hit the door to log some miles. But, today I wanted to share with you guys what else I bring with me on my short runs.

All of these things have become “essentials” for me because they all serve a purpose on making my runs go as smooth and as pleasant as possible! Now, if someone can come up with an “essential” item to make my legs feel like feathers I’ll gladly take that item along with me every run too. Until then, I’ll just share these with you guys.

What defines a “short” run? I consider short runs for me anywhere between 2-4 miles. Anything longer than that requires more fuel, more plans and just a little bit more energy in general. So let’s talk about what my essentials are for my shorter distance runs.

(This post is NOT sponsored, just my own personal opinion of my favorite running gear! There are a few coupon codes for you though just in case you’d like some of them for yourself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Water I pre-hydrate before every single run I do no matter the distance. Here in the south our summer weather is NO JOKE so I’ve become extra aware of the importance of making sure I get in more than enough water every day. Although, I normally drink a lot of water throughout the day, when I have a run planned I always drink a little extra to make sure my body is well hydrated for my upcoming run session. They say it’s best to hydrate at least 2 hours before you hit the road. Of course, if you get your run on first thing in the morning you probably aren’t waking up 2 hours in advance. In that case, make sure you hydrate the day/night before according to your planned distance. I also bring a tablet of Nuun with me on my runs just in case I need to fill up during my run and need some extra electrolytes. {Especially when it’s 90+ degree weather!} I always bring water with me, either in my car, physically carry it with me or fill up mid-run.

  • Headphones I never leave for a run (inside or out) without my headphones. Like I’ve said before, if I plan of running outside by myself I’m EXTRA cautious about making sure I can hear everything around me for safety reasons. But, I do love to jam out to my favorite music when I run! It helps me the most with speed work so I can’t hear myself breathing like a crazy person so I consider these things a necessity. {Anyone else get more tired when they hear themselves breathing extra hard? Just me? Hmmm….} These are my bluetooth headphones which are A MA Z I N G but I also have the regular cord headphones that I use a lot too!

  • Podcasts, Audio books, Music Now that you know I can’t leave for a run without my headphones, I need them to listen to my favorite audio books, podcasts and Pandora music channels for my run. Any audio book fans out there? I listened to my first audio book last year and fell in love with the convenice! I am a big time multi-tasker so being able to run errands, clean, workout, whatever…and listen to my current favorite read is basically the best thing ever! But, for my runs I am always listening to one of these three things every single time! I’m never disciplined enough to sit down and create a whole entire playlist so Pandora saves the day.

  • My SPIBelt I definitely can’t go for a run anymore without one of these things. I used to be the runner with the armband but ever since I tried one of these belts out I was hooked. The armbands never seem to fit my arm right and slide down or even rub my arms until they’re blistered and that’s just down right no fun. These are perfect to hold my keys, snacks, hair ties, anything I need and stay in place the entire run. I love them! I use them for walks too! I love the H20 belt too because I feel so much more comfortable knowing I have some form of hydration with me just in case I’m a far distance away from the next water stop and happen to get extra thirsty.

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  • KT Tape I used this tape for my first full marathon and absolutely LOVE it! I’ve used it ever since too! It’s used for some injuries and can help give you a little extra support wherever you feel like you need it for your run. I use it for my knees when they start feeling a little uncomforatable and it works like a charm every time! I always keep a piece or two extra in my SPIBelt too just in case.

  • Runningluv I am ALWAYS needing some sort of a hand towel to get me through my runs to keep the sweat out of my eyes (especially in the Summer!) and my runningluv is seriously the best invention ever! It wraps around my hand so I can keep it close and out of the way but have it just when I need it. I use it for indoor runs too!

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  • Headbands Have you ever gone for a run and forgot your headband or some sort of a bobby pin or anything and regretted it the ENTIRE run? Yeah, me too! I can’t forget one of these because otherwise my hair will drive me crazy and be all over my face–sweat and all.

  • Trackers + Arm Candy You can’t ever have enough arm candy, am I right? I think the more the better! I use the Garmin Forerunner and the FitBit Alta for my trackers! They come with me every time! (As long as they’re both charged!) I love to pull up their charts to see how my run went. I also use the tracker too to keep a log of my past runs to keep up with my progress during training.

I LOVE having my motivational bracelets to give me positive thoughts to keep in mind when the run gets extra tough. Plus, they’re adorable too, so win-win! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Blister-free socks I’ve gone on plenty-a run with just regular cotton socks and have been in SO much pain afterwards. Trust me when I tell you, running socks are called “running” socks for a reason! They’re made to help absorb sweat, reduce blisters, support your feet as you pound the pavement and are just 10 million times more comfortable! I wish I could buy every single pair of these Thorlo’s because they’re my favorite!

A few other things I like to bring on short runs is my pepper spray/taser (safety FIRST!!), and some sort of sugar/fuel/candy just in case my blood sugar level gets a little low. Oh and NOT to mention I always bring my phone with me not only just for my music/podcasts/audio books but for safety measures too! It’s always better to be safe than sorry for all of these things!

That’s a wrap! I hope this helps you get some ideas for what you might want to bring with you on your next run! I’ll be posting my long run essentials in an upcoming post too! So, stay tuned for that one!

I hope your Tuesday is WONDERFUL in every way!

Questions for YOU:

What can you NOT leave the house without when you go for a run?

What’s your favorite podcast to listen to?

What’s your Tuesday workout?

As always, From Chelsea