Wednesday Randoms + A Funny Story!

Hello, hello! How’s your very first week of April going? Can you believe it’s already April? I think I say that as each new month comes but it sure comes and goes so quickly! I feel like I blink and a new month is here.

Anyways, April brings on some pretty amazing things but my most favorite thing of all is all the pretty Spring blooms. I hope it’s warming up where you are and blooming with bright and colorful flowers like it is here.

We’ve been trying to squeeze in as many walks as we can get lately with all the gorgeous weather. But, one walk in particular turned out to not be so good. We were chased after a crazy SWAN the other day at the park! Yes, I said swan!! It literally chased us out of the park and made for the most unpleasant, craziest and funniest expereince ever. Not to mention it was totally unexpected because I didn’t even have my running shoes on. We go to this park, Wildwood Park for the Arts, all the time because it’s just gorgeous. But, they have 2 swans that swim around in a pond there and it’s apparently “mating season”. (A.K.A. stay away season!) Well, the boy swan means business and he basically kicked us out right when we got there. We tried to stay out of it’s way but it literally GOT OUT of the water and chased us to the exit. Ha! At one point I was running so hard I lost a flip flop. Quite the experience, and Nick thought it was absolutely hilarious! (Even though he even got a little nervous when it started flapping it’s wings and running after him! :)) As I was running at one point away from the swan, I literally had the thought of our funeral saying “Death by Swan”. Haha!

So, FYI avoid angry swans during mating season! You’re welcome for that random tidbit of information on this mighty fine Wednesday. I’m telling you, if you keep reading along you may learn a thing or two from this blog.

((PS, I know he looks innoncent here but trust me–He was CRAZY! He most definitely put the cray- in crazy! You should’ve been there. But then again, I’m glad you weren’t because otherwise you may have been swan-food too!

I did get out for a run yesterday to soak up some extra sunshine because it was 80 degrees and FABULOUS! 3 miles post 10k this past weekend and my legs felt so good! (I’ll have my race recap up for you guys this week too, so stay tuned!)

–Love & Gratitude–, what more do you need?

This view + perfect Spring weather = Runner’s paradise.

OH and please tell me you’ve had these delicious treats? If you haven’t, let me know and I’ll send you one because you have GOT to have one! They’re delicious in every possible way! I tried one for the first time at the marathon last fall and have been hooked ever since. Seriously, they’re so good I could eat them as a snack all the time, not just post-run. But, I had this yesterday after my 3 miler and it hit the spot.

We got to celebrate the cutest niece in the whole world, Brooklyn’s, 9th birthday this past weekend. She had a party at the trampoline park and jumped away all of her energy. Just kidding! That kid has more energy than I could ever dream of. Wonder if someone could bottle it up and sell it? I’d be first in line.

I’ve also squeezed in a few good gym workouts this week so far. Still absolutely LOVING my Pure Cadence shoes and my momentum jewelry foot notes. These say “FINISH STRONG”!

I may or may not have treated myself to a few of these treats lately! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Panera cinnamon rolls are as big as my head and I love it!

I made a Fri-YAY delivery to my mom’s work the other day with some of her favorite treats and some tulips! Tulips have got to be the cutest and happiest flower, right? Right.

Then, we picked up a few blooms for Nick’s parents house too! You can’t ever have enough fresh flowers around.

This breakfast was to die for! Pork chops, eggs and turkey anyone?

These two have become my errand buddies lately! Anytime they get to ride around in the car is a good day for them! Joey stands right in the middle everytime. I say he’s supervising my driving. ๐Ÿ™‚

AND someone got a hair cut today. I’ll give you a hint….he’s NOT the one with the cone.

Smoothie bowls have become my latest addiction! Something about putting it in a bowl changes the whole game and makes it feel like a giant bowl of ice cream. You can’t ever go wrong with that! Plus, that color!!

{Insert: Heart eyes emoji!}

Oh and last but not least: My life’s workout description!

Donuts>Workouts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have the best Wednesday ever! We’ll talk again soon!

Questions for YOU:

What Panera treat is your favorite?

What is your most favorite workout on your schedule this week?

What race do you have coming up?

As always From Chelsea