Weekend Wonders + Day Dates + Speedwork

Happy Sunday friends! I hope your weekend was filled with super relaxing days and sunshine like it was here!

We actually squeezed in quite a few things to make for a pretty awesome weekend! (Still soaking up the last few drops tonight though!)

Friday started off with a breakfast date with my cute niece and sister at our favorite Mimis! (I spy a future blogger on our hands with her fancy new camera! Those Instapix cameras are pretty neat!) Then we headed off to see Beauty & the Beast! Have you seen it yet? It was really good! I was a huge fan of Cinderella but this one definitely came in at a close second!

Nick had to work so it was just us four but we had enough popcorn for about 10 people. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The best part about day movie dates is that there are hardly any people in the theater! It was just us for a little bit and only ended up being 2 other couples.

Friday night was spent back at my sisters house just relaxing and enjoying Friday nights as they should be spent.

Saturday started off with a breakfast date at our other favorite, The Root. Can you tell we love breakfast dates? I would probably pick breakfast over any meal of the day. Is that weird? I think it’s because of my love affair with coffee lately. I was off coffee for a really long time, but recently jumped back on the wagon. I should probably go back to being off again really soon. Sometimes, the sugar gets to me and causes my anxiety to flare back up. Here lately it’s been pretty okay though which is always a good thing!

Then we headed off for a beautiful walk at the Big Dam Bridge. Can you tell how pretty it was outside? Not a cloud in sight. I love starting Saturdays off outside.

I had to head to the office for some work Saturday afternoon but luckily I had a sucker on hand to get me through. It was only a few hours but I was super jealous of Nick because I was stuck inside while he was outside playing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So we celebrated Saturday night with the dinner of champions. Pizza and beer, what better combo? Can you believe this was my first time ever having supreme pizza from a restaurant? I’ve had a homemade kind before but this was my very first ever order from somewhere. I loved it! I normally stick with plain ol pepperoni but this took the cake.

Also, these Spring days are seriously my favorite for eating any and all meals patio style. For some reason food just tastes even better outside.

I decided the pizza was a good carb load for a run workout today, so I got in some speed work at the gym. 2.5 miles with intervals starting at 9:31 all the way down to 7:30! Gosh, 7:30 sure is fast and I so wish I could do it for longer distances. I stuck with 2 minutes at each pace as I moved it down to end up with 2.5 miles total. I was a sweaty mess afterwards but toughed out some leg workouts with machines to wrap up the workout. My legs sure felt like jello after.

After the gym we headed home to shower to get ready for another day date! The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra! It was so nice to get to see the new Robinson Performance Hall since they remodeled. We loved it! I’m such a sucker for a good orchestra date. Does that make me sound super old? Ha!

(Also proof I don’t live in running shoes and workout clothes.)

Then I headed home after our date to get ready for my new challenge group starting up tomorrow! I’m determined to make April my strongest month yet! Who else is with me?

And drum roll pleeeeasseeeee……

It’s time for another edition of Weekend Wonders! If you’re new to reading along, this is where I get to share my most favorite internet finds of the week with you! Grab your Sunday night tea and kick up your feet for a bit!

1.) Ironman racers are always amazing to me just by the serious strength those athletes have but this guy’s story was so impressive to me! If he can do those races, I have zero excuses for finishing a half marathon/full marathon!!


2.) I’ve been addicted to this podcast lately! Have you listened to her before? She’s got such good content I can’t just listen to one at a time! I at least listen to 2 or 3 in one sitting!


3.) I’ve determined based on my own observation that runner’s experience “hanger” more than any athlete out there. Am I right? I think so!


4.) Anyone else keep up with this type of news? I ALWAYS watch the big races on tv and it breaks my heart to see these athletes turn out to be doping. It’s super sad too to hear things like what Shalane Flanagan said saying that she could be one of the best athletes in the world but wouldn’t ever be able to know for sure because of other athletes doping their way to the finish line. So unfair.


5.) Last but not least, is your city on this list? I’m super jealous if it is!!


Now, I’m giving you your Sunday reminder that you are 100% fully capable of kicking this week’s butt, K!?

Have a fabulous week friends!

Questions for YOU:

What was your favorite meal this weekend? Any delicious treats?

What’s your favorite type of music?

If you had to pick a meal which would you choose, breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Hands down, Breakfast…because coffee! ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, From Chelsea