Things I'm Loving Lately

Hey there friends! It’s FRI-YAAAAYYYY! (A.K.A. “Good Friday”) Were you off of work today? Maybe you’re already celebrating the Easter holiday weekend! If so, YAY! Do you have plans to get in some extra good family/celebrating/spring time this weekend? I know I sure do!

I’ve been a major fan of a few things here lately that I decided I have to share with you today.

I’ve been bringing the dogs with me on my daily errands and they love it! Their favorite has to be the bank though. They must put something extra yummy in those bank treats because they scarf them up in a super speedy fashion.

Oh how I’ve missed the Spring/Summer produce. I can’t stop and I won’t stop.

Runs with super green views. (Minus the pollen :Insert: Daily sneeze session:)

My SPIbelt H20 belt. Seriously, I can’t remember how I ever ran without this thing beofre. I get SO thirsty mid run and there just aren’t water fountains every 10 steps (which would be super nice) so these things are the best!

These nut butter filled Clif bars. I was NEVER a fan of Clif bars before (Sorry, Clif). Something about their texture weirded me out and the flavor just wasn’t that fantastic. BUT they have won me over with these deliciously heavenly flavored nut filled bars! I had one on my run today and found myself seriously saying out loud in the middle of the park, “Oh man these are good!!” I have to get more already because I ate the handful I bought this week! They’re a must.

Okay guys, you know I don’t joke about my sweets. Hands down-this ice cream is THE BEST ice cream there ever was. Best part? It’s dairy free, vegan AND gluten free! Saying all of that though it still has the most amazingly sweet chocolatey flavor. These are new and I spotted them in the grocery store the other day and actually went through 2 boxes in a week! Yep, no shame in my sweets game.

I must have a problem with snacking lately because this popcorn has been on hand pretty much every where I go. Have you ever tried this stuff before?

WARNING: You’ll want to eat the entire bag right when you get it. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Chick-Fil-A grilled cool wraps. We’ve actually had these for dinner/lunch a few times the last week. But, really can you ever go wrong with anything at Chick-Fil-A? I think not.

Off the food wagon, I’ve really been loving strength training here lately. Dare I say I feel a little stronger than ever before since I’ve jumped up my strength game? My arms may still be a little noodle-ish but they’re on their way to fully cooked noodles in no time!

Walks with the pups wings 1st place of things I’m loving lately though. These two have been so good on their leashes when they walk with me and I think they enjoy all the extra Vitamin D. Here’s to more sunny sunshine walks with the fur children.

Off to celebrate Easter with lots of relaxing, sunrise church, yummy food and a long run!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Let’s talk soon, K?

Questions for YOU:

What are your Easter plans?

What’s your favorite Easter treat? Any “Peeps” fans out there?

What is the main thing you just can’t live without RIGHT NOW?

As always, From Chelsea

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