Holidays + Marathon Monday + Running Mantras

If you notice anything a little different around here, you may see that got a makeover! After several, (and I mean SEVERAL) hours of rearranging, deleting, editing, clicking here and there-I finally got this blog a new “hosted” home. I started off over on Blogger where I had no idea that I would need to become a serious computer guru by the time I figured out how this whole “blogging” thing worked! Seriously, coding? I never would’ve dreamed I cnould figure out what in the world all those letters/numbers/symbols mean. Even though I still have tons of things to learn, I feel pretty proud of how far this whole thing has come. I find it fun most of the time to mess around with these website builders and things but goodness gracious, I did feel a little loopy after the past few days of doing this update. The ONLY sad part about my switching over to an actual “hosted” website is that I am having to individually transfer each and every blog post to this new home. SO if you’re looking for all of my past content (2016 and 2015), be patient–it’ll be over here really soon I promise! Slowly but surely I’ll get it all here.

In other news: how was your Easter? Ours was spent doing all things Easter-y. We had a family Easter egg hunt, ate lasagna with Nick’s family, went to a sunrise church service, ate grilled pork chops and veggies with my family, ate a few too many pieces of sweets, dogs got a visit from the Easter bunny and even got a park date in between all the fun!

My mom (A.K.A. Ms. Easter bunny) bought us this ginormous box of strawberries that take up half of the refrigerator. I may have a slight shade of red to my skin this week, but don’t worry, I’m filled with many MANY antioxidants from these delicious berries and their amazingly good sweetness.

We finally got to put our hammock to good use this past weekend/week and it is probably my most favorite invention ever. We’re trying to find a way to just go ahead and live in our hammock, but so far we’re not coming up with any genius ideas….It’s a tiny snug to be considered a home but…maybe someday soon a good idea will pop up?

You better believe I was right there when that ol’ April had her cute little baby giraffe! I’ve never seen something like that and it was pretty neat! Plus, crazy that baby comes out basically walking.

Marathon Monday was basically just a continuation of the holiday weekend because it should probably go ahead and just become a holiday anyways. Who do I have to talk to about getting that setup? I was like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for the live stream to start up. I absolutely LOVE watching these races and the amazingly strong athletes cross the finish line. How is it humanly possible to run that fast for that long? I need to know.

The sportsmanship was so neat to watch too. Did you guys catch the winner of the women’s field, Edna Kiplagat grab the wrong bottle towards the end and nicely put it back where it went to grab her own on the next table? I was so impressed. Plus her kids waiting at the end totally made me tear up. Yes, I’m a sucker for these things.

I was cheering on Meb, Desi, Jordan and Galen the whole time! They all did so great! Such an inspiration to see their drive and passion as they push themselves so hard for so long.

Another reason I love watching these races is because it sparks a little deeper motivation for me for my workouts after I’m done watching the finish. I was so pumped up I headed to them gym and knocked out 4 progressive miles. I started off with the first mile at 9:40, 2nd at 9:22, third at 9:04 and then finished up with a mile at 8:41!

I felt so good at the finish of it. I had to snap a picture at those matching times too! 😉

I know the Boston Marathon motivated me but something about this run just felt so good. I kept telling myself throughout the entire thing to just “get lost”. Not in the average sense, but, get lost as in the miles and the beauty of the run. Sometimes my runs are the best times for me to just get lost in my thoughts and let my creativity run wild. I don’t even hardly look at the time and just let the miles tick away. Not every run feels that great but when they do I take full advantage of them. Another mantra I kept thinking was to “settle in”. I chose to sit dip into my legs as they ran across that treadmill and settled into mile and the pace I was in. It made me feel strong and proud of my legs as they pushed hard through this progressive run workout.

I LOVE using mantras for my workouts. Many of the ones I’ve used before are:

“I can do hard things.”

“This too shall pass.” (for those painful runs)

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

“I’ve got this.”

“Soak it in”

“Run for those who can’t”

“Just push.”

“Run the mile you’re in”

There’s nothing like a little mental tricker-y to get you to the finish line of a good run. Mantras can bring on some really great motivation and feeling just when you need it most. There are so many different ways to push yourself but these mantras always do the trick for me.

So, my questions for YOU:

What’s your favorite running mantra?

Who’s your favorite pro athlete (running or not!)

Do you mind treadmill runs?

As always, From Chelsea

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