Field Trips, Fortunes, Fives, and Flooding

Hey guys! Happy May-Monday to you! I’ve got lots of random things that have gone down lately to go over with you today, so let’s hop right to it!

Finding a lucky penny=the best. I had to grab this one and keep it with me to add to my collection. ^^

Chinese fortunes=the best. (When they’re good of course!)

We just got a little bit of rain the other day…..^^ Poor Arkansas almost floated away.

The entrance to our favorite breakfast spot. How could you not love this place with a greeting like that? ^^

Hi, my name is Chelsea, and I’m addicted to Chia Banana smoothies. ^^

….And Starbucks oatmeal. ^^

…..and freshly ground peanut butter. This stuff is like liquid gold. ^^

Lots of workouts going down lately including these little guys. ^^

….and this little guy too. ^^

5 mile rune=DONE! Treadmill miles have been my go-to here lately so 5 miles on the mill’ went down this weekend. Felt good!

Plus a little mountain climbing. ^^

A little field-tripping the other day too. ^^

This one was in heaven with her new slime from there. What is it with kids and slime these days? ^^

Fresh Mountain Valley Spring water to save the day. ^^

Cooper and Joey wish you a fabulous first day of May!

Questions for YOU:

What May goals do you have planned?

Favorite smoothie recipe?

Are you a crunch Peanut butter person or creamy?

As always, From Chelsea