Wednesday Randoms

Happy Hump Day to you! There’s something super exciting about a short week, am I right? When I used to work 9-5 in an office, short weeks were the absolute WORST because it was like everything exploded and went nuts in those 4 “short” days. But, I’m beyond thankful now that I can fully appreciate a truly good short week! I didn’t get to share my randomness with you guys last week because we were FINALLY getting settled in moved into the new flip house and I know you missed my randomness in your life, right? Ha! {Kidding!} But, don’t you worry I’ve got a jam packed post today with enough to make up for last week’s absence so let’s get things going!

One of our favorite places to walk was lit up so pretty the other night for the Memorial Day weekend. This bridge has been a major life changer since being added to the river years ago. I can’t imagine it NOT having a trail to run alongside now. It’s always a gorgeous place to get a run in, but it’s even prettier and more peaceful at night.

These two trouble makers have been getting in their workouts lately in the form on nice and sunny 1-2ish mile walks. They love it because:

1.) They get treats right when they walk back inside and

2) When we get back they both lay on the cool tile floor and cool down from their “workouts”.

This smile on the sidewalk was a mid walk surprise.

Still working on my strength training! I haven’t been frequenting the gym as much lately because we finally have the space in our new house to get my at-home workouts in plus outside cardio has been winning for me! But, we’ve not completely forgotten about our gym memberships either! We have a goal to hit the gym at least 1-2 times per week if we can to change things up and get in a good strength session.

These summer blooms stopped me mid-walk to take their picture. Aren’t they precious? I need some for our kitchen ASAP!

We have a cute pond and walking path by the new house that is SO pretty. We’ll be frequenting this place a TON while we’re here. I can’t wait!

Dinner the other night was SO good and summery-fresh with my New South Coop roasted veggies and delicious grilled chicken. Summer=Grilled food non-stop.

These strawberry treats at Whole Foods took my #1 favorite dessert spot after the first bite. Seriously, HEAVEN in a little white chocolate cup. It’s a strawberry shortcake flavor and I basically think about it every day. I mayyyyy be craving it now just looking at this picture! Please promise me that next time you’re at Whole Foods in the bakery section, you’ll try one. Wait, am I the only one that’s a WF Bakery frequent flyer? Surely not…..

Post workout endorphins are the best. PS I’m still madly in love with my Fitbit Alta. It’s my favorite workout accessory to date and stays with me all day every day!

This pup was pretty sick the other day and almost convinced me he was needing a doctor’s visit until….

The very next day he was back to his normal crazy lazy/dramatic self. He is getting a little older lately (9 years to be exact) and I’m pretty sure he was just sore from running around our new house. (He’s not a runner dog by any means and basically sleeps 99.9% of the day away) But, he was just the saddest little thing just the day before, but bounced back like a champ. I was a pretty worried dog mom for 24 hours.

Meanwhile this guys, Joey was just napping in sympathy for his little brother while he was sick. Anyone else’s dog like to sleep under the blankets at naptime? This one is a cuddle pup and I don’t hate it one bit. Cone and all ;).

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I’m officially addicted to Kodiak Cakes. Seriously SO good! They’ve become a weekly staple in our household now.

I started running at a soccer field to change up my scenery/to help save my joints a bit from pounding the pavement as much. I’ve LOVED it! I run a few laps around it and it knocks out the miles pretty quick! I never played soccer when I was younger but I always wish I did. This is my chance to pretend at least! πŸ˜‰

Post-run stretching=necessary evil.

Post-run snacking=heaven in the form of cold grapes.

Anyone else fans of salads the size of their head? Just me? Nooooo…..I could probably live on these things, they’re so good! This one was from Slim Chickens and it was super good! If you’ve never had one there, you should try it next time!

Also, fresh squeezed orange juice is probably the best thing in the entire world. (I’ve probably said that about a lot of things, but this time–I MEAN IT!) So good!! Nothing but straight orange juice here people and it was amazingly good.

The “Be Brand” headbands are my new favorite! So soft and comfortable AND cute! Win, Win, Win!

I even wore mine on my run and it stays in place! That’s a winner of a headband in my book any day.

Another “Root” breakfast tops the charts in deliciousness. Ever had bowls of granola and milk for breakfast? I’d never had one before but it made me hit the grocery store up for some granola and almond milk afterwards to repeat this at home. And, not to mention those gorgeous berries on top!

I’m pretty sure my Fitbit thought I was lost in the woods or something the other day with all these steps in one day. Normally I stick to around 10,000 as my goal but THIS was a lot more than normal! Now I’ve been trying to get closer to that even if it means doing laps around the living room at night. Ha!

Oh AND I’ve been so pumped to add some Charity Miles to my “start” run app list. Seriously, if you don’t have this app, download it NOW! You can log your walks, runs, and more to it and donate to your favorite charity just by getting your workout in. It’s the BEST!!

Whew, if you made it to the bottom of this post I have to sincerely applaud you! That was a lot of randomness and I know you’re probably thinking–this girl’s brain is ALL over the place. And I have to say you’re right! πŸ™‚ Randomness=my life so that’s exactly what you get here my friends. All is well in CBH Randomness land again and I’ll be better at posting next week on time so I won’t have to overload you with so many pictures next time! πŸ™‚

I hope you have a fabulous rest of your day! Do something extra fun to wrap up your night, K?


Are you a charity miles app fan?

What’s your favorite breakfast?

I’d say pancakes is my #1 favorite. It’s like they just hit the spot every time!! Especially when they’re extra fluffy.

What is your favorite bakery item?

As always, From Chelsea