I'm going STREAKING! (Run Streaking…that is!)

I am SO beyond excited to kick off June with a major challenge! I’ve been running a lot more lately and came across the “StreakingwiththeCOOLKIDS” run streak for the month of June and decided to JOIN! I’ve NEVER fully participated in an actual run streak before mainly because I always get nervous that I won’t be able to stick to it. BUT, this one is where you either walk OR run at least a single mile every single day for the month of June and you’re officially at streaker at the end!

I’m interested to see how it’ll go considering I know I can probably get it in, just what about the days where you feel like…ya know….not so motivated?

I REALLY want to see if I can tough it out though this time. I mean, it’s a single mile every day for just 30 days! Anyone can do anything for 30 days, right? {Are you shaking your head yes? I sure hope so!}

I joined the Facebook group with over 1500 challengers and we’re all taking the leap together! Some of the streakers there have been streaking for over an entire year! Can you imagine? I’m in awe of those people that have done that! But, for me–I’m just going to start with 30 days and see how that goes. It’s really motivating though because everyone posts their daily mile and cheers each other on. I’m all about supporting each other in a not-so-supportive world most of the time. That’s one MAJOR thing I love about the running community is that it really is a positive group out there in the “runner’s world” and I am so excited to be a part of it! We may be rare (and some think extra crazy (which is slightly true!) but I’d say we shine pretty bright in the whole grand scheme of things!

I started off yesterday with a 4 mile run. It didn’t actually go as smoothly as I initially planned for it go. But, then again, what really ever does? πŸ™‚ I took off in the afternoon with my usual 3 miles in my head but around 1.37 I got stopped by a thunderstorm. Luckily, Nick got home just in time and texted me to ask where I was when I saw his truck coming around the corner. That was followed by a lighting strike right by us. Whew! He’s a lifesaver! Later in the afternoon I decided I HAD to get in more than that 1.37. So I finally got to finish it up and logged another 2.71 miles. But, I realized halfway into my 2nd run of the day, that my apps weren’t tracking me!! How frustrating right? It probably seems obnoxious, but I like to run with a few apps going to track me just to know that at least if one fails, another one has my back. (Again, us runners have interesting brains because who REALLY cares if something “tracks” their daily runs non-stop? Well, me of course!) I had my Strava app going and my Runkeeper going AND Charity Miles all at the same time. (Not to mention my fitbit but that doesn’t really count here!) Come to find out my Strava and Runkeeper apps had paused at 0.01 miles….Ugh! So, I had to start them up and just decided to push a little further than I planned to finish off this crazy run on a good note. 4 miles LOGGED and Charity miles luckily got every single mile tracked for me! THANK YOU CHARITY MILES FOR BEING AMAZING!!

Alongside my “Run streak” I decided to kick things up a notch and tag on a few other challenges for the month of June. I decided after I get in from my mile walk or run, I’ll do 10 pushups and a 10 minute Ab video from Beachbody On Demand. All together if I only even get just 1 mile logged for the day with a run that’s 10 minutes, so total I could at least be committing myself to 20 minutes a day for the entire month. I CAN DO THAT, RIGHT? {And you all shake your heads, YES! ;)} We’ll see how it goes, but so far SO GOOD!

Today I even had some run streak partners with me, the two furry children of the household came along. We walked a very slow 1.6 miles and they got their workout in for the day, and I got my streak mile in. WIN, WIN! I don’t plan on running EVERY single day of this month, because I’m a firm believer in rest days. We usually go for walks pretty frequently anyways during the week, so I figured that’ll be perfect for me to be able to keep things going for the next few weeks.

I’ll also be choosing different charities to donate to with my daily miles so I started off with the amazing Alzheimer’s Association for yesterday’s run and today’s walk.

I even made this cute little calendar to keep track because that’s how we’re all supposed to stay accountable in the group. We’ll turn in our documentation of our miles at the end of the month to be entered in a drawing for some awesome prizes! I, of course, love giveaways so that’s an even added bonus to this whole streak gig! How exciting, right?

You guys know I’ll keep you posted throughout the month. But, most importantly, I hope you’ll keep me accountable! I’m putting this out there to let you know I’ve committed, now I just have to stay the course!

Just one mile, guys, just ONE mile.

Here’s to my first ever run streak! We’ll see how it goes!


Have you ever done a run streak before?

What’s your favorite charity to donate to?

I love ASPCA, but I also love to change things up a bit so I’ll be choosing from the long list of different charities for the next 30 days! I’m excited!

Have you ever done a month long challenge of any kind before?

As always, From Chelsea