Wednesday Randoms: {Spaghetti Squash Love + Summer break dates + House Updates}

Happy hump day to you! How’s your week going so far? Mine has been really good, but man it is HOTTTTT outside!! Can you say humidity? Remember last Summer when I was marathon training and I was a major heat wimp? Yeah…..I’m still not a fan. The scary part is that we’re not even to the really high temperatures just yet. All I can say though is, thank goodness I’m NOT marathon training this summer. I do have some training plans in the works but nothing “full” on just yet.

Don’t worry though, I’ve still been hydrating like a crazy person even though my run distances haven’t been too long at all. You can’t ever have enough water. Especially Mountain Valley! We buy these babies in bulk! Nno shame in our game.

Streaking my little heart out here lately. Im officially on day 14 as of today!

This is my “I-barely-survived-the-hills-and-the-heat-on-this-run” face.

Joey, a.k.a. my batman sidekick, has been joining me on a few of my runs and he’s probably the best running partner ever. (Sorry, Nick!) He goes my pace and doesn’t complain about me going slower than molasses.

I’ve still been switching up my pavement by running down to the soccer fields and it’s so nice! My pace even seems to improve when I run on the grass. I’m not really sure how, but I’ll take it!

We officially hit hard-core streaker status the other day by getting in my 1 mile down by the river in the rain! We tried to beat it but couldn’t miss it right at the end.

I had a summer break date with my favorite little 4th grader the other day! We had an entire day packed with fun summer-y activities including: SLIME! Anyone else’s 9-10 year old’s obsessed with this stuff? My niece can’t put it down! We made a ton of batches and she was in heaven!

Besides slime, her next favorite thing ever happened too which was swimming! Aren’t her sunglasses the cutest? She was rocking them and I loved it! She probably went down that slide behind her about 20 times in a row.

We got in some more crafting with these glitter jars. I was surprised they turned out so good! {Pinterest SUCCESS!} They’re actually supposed to be “calming” when you shake them up. Brooklyn was such a fan, she made 5 different jars!

No summer date is complete without a good snow cone. Wedding cake is the best flavor in my opinion! Have you ever had it?

In house news, we currently have a giant hole in our dining room wall. It’s in the process of turning into french doors and so this is our current situation. It’l be good as new so soon!

We also changed out the front lights on the house the other day to the cute lights on the right. They’re my favorite ones we’ve ever done before! {P.S. Exterior paint is in the works starting next week too! THANK GOODNESS! Goodbye blue!!}

We were surprised when we found this sitting on top of one of the lights! We’re afraid though that the mom has abandoned them since we had to move the nest over just a hair. We’ve sat them on a stool on the porch but she hasn’t been back around for a while. Her eggs sure are pretty though! Fingers crossed she comes back sometime soon. I make sure to check on them every day.

The side effects of having parents that flip houses. Constant bubble wrap hats make for the best entertainment. Well, for the humans anyways! πŸ™‚ He only hated me for like 10 minutes afterwards, nothing new!

We’ve also been eating pancakes like they’re going out of style lately. These were from the “Namaste” brand and they’re gluten, dairy and soy free! I couldn’t even tell they’re missing any of those ingredients either! So good!

I’ve become the biggest fan of spaghetti squash! Anyone else love this stuff? We made a bacon broccoli casserole the other night and it was amazingly good! We’re even having it for the 2nd time this week tonight for dinner! I used to be intimidated by spaghetti squash, but it was surprisingly easy and the best noodle substitute.

Oh and putting my New South Coop veggies to more good use in the crockpot this week. Fresh green beans are just too delicious!

More veggies going down the chute here lately. Carrots & Guac=such a good combo! Don’t knock it till ya try it.

Last but not least, more sunset walks making me one happy girl. The “natural state” has been showing off in the evenings lately once the sun starts to set and the heat dies down (just a little!).

We even saw our favorite deer at Two Rivers this week! There were probably 50 of them all together and they were perfectly peaceful.

I’m off to run to add in a few more miles to the ol’ run streak today! Wish me luck! Maybe the heat will decide to hold off for an hour or so while I get outside. πŸ˜‰ (Most likely this will NOT happen but a little wishful thinking never hurt anyone! HA!)

At least I have this yummy treat waiting for me as soon as I get back! Give me ALL the watermelon!

Enjoy the rest of your day! I’ll have an extra piece of watermelon just for you, mmmk?

Questions for YOU:

What’s your favorite snow cone flavor?

What’s your favorite summer produce?

I love them ALL, but I’d say right now Watermelon takes the cake!

What’s one of your goals you have this week?

As Always, From Chelsea