Things I'm loving lately

Fri-YAY, Fridaayyyyyyy, Fridee, The Freaking Weekend IS here! The best day of the week! (Well, in my opinion!) There’s really nothing that can beat the positive energy of a good Friday, am I right? I’d say this guy agrees with me too….

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun? We’re pressure washing and painting the flip house. Don’t be too jealous, okay? Good, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk my favorite things on this might fine Friday! I have quite the list prepared for you today of my most favorite things lately, so settle in and get comfy! Here we go!

La Croix

You guys, let me just be 100% honest with you. I was NOT impressed with La Croix for quite a while. I liked the hint of the fizz and the slight flavor but I wasn’t just instantly hooked. But, after so long I’ve slowly but surely developed a taste for this stuff. We don’t hardly drink anything in our house but water. Water for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. Water all day, errrryday. Water for dayssss. You get the point. So, it’s always so nice to change up my taste buds with something a little fizzy and little sweet. Insert: La Croix. This flavor and lime are my favorites so far. It’s especially good when it’s super hot outside and you have a nice cold “beverage” to crack open. Try it and tell me what you think!

Speaking of changing up my taste buds:

Dr. D’s Sparkling Probiotic Kefir Water

I have to confess something to you. I haven’t and probably won’t ever be able to down a Kombucha. I’m a weirdo about textures and for some reason the little beads and goo that appears in the bottles of Kombucha just completely weird me out. Not to mention the floating particles that linger around in the bottle…So, I’m always on the search for a good alternative. Low and behold, these guys below are AMAZING! You have to try them out if you haven’t ever heard of them before. I’ve had a hard time finding them around Little Rock, besides at Natural Grocers. If you can hunt them down and find them in your area, I highly encourage you to try the Crisp Apple flavor.

Jackson Honest Sweet Potato Chips

These Sweet Potato chips are the perfect chip to dip or to snack on anytime! They have the simplest of ingredients as in: Coconut oil, sweet potatoes and a hint of sea salt! THAT’S IT! You guys know I’m a sucker for simple ingredients so these are pretty much a no-brainer for me. So much yum!

Wholly Guacamole

What dip do you dip your above chips in, you ask? Don’t worry-I’ve got you covered, girlfriend! Wholly Guacamole of course! You can buy these in little cups that are easy to take anywhere or buy a bigger version for a pre-dinner appetizer dip with veggies! This guacamole is also made with super simple ingredients and is really flavorful! Also, what’s better than not having to mix and make the guac yourself?

Pascha Chocolate bars with natural Peanut Butter

THIS. THIS. THIS. Let me tell you a little secret. It’s HARD to find simple ingredients in sweets. It’s also insanely hard to be gluten free, dairy free and soy free and be a chocolate lover. (No, I’m not a strict gluten/dairy/soy free eater, but at times I try to give it a chance to clean up my eating and eat as many “whole foods” as possible.) You want to know why it’s so tricky? Almost every form of chocolate comes with a little ingredient called “Soy Lecithin“. Soy Lecithin (A byproduct of the soybean family), is an additive in processed foods and known to have a effect on your hormonal balance levels (among other things!) and likes to hide in all sorts of baked good and treats. Although it’s not always 100% necessarily avoidable, it is always a good idea when you can to simplify and avoid soy when you can. That’s where Pascha chocolate bars come into play. These bars are rich dark chocolate that tastes 100000 times better to me than any other chocolate I’ve EVER had. And I don’t say that lightly!) If I had to choose Godiva over Pascha, I’d choose Pascha. It’s THAT good. Seriously. Grab yourself spoon full of peanut butter and you’ve got yourself a little bite of heaven.

Cat Stevens Radio on Pandora

Well… an explanation really necessary here? I think not.

Sweaty, sweat sessions

While I may not be a major fan of the heat in these southern summers, I AM a major fan of a good sweat session. Something about sweating out all the toxins we take in on a daily basis, soaking in Vitamin D, and feeling like you’re cleansing your soul while doing your body some good is probably the best feeling ever. The only downside is having to wash your hair much more frequently. I know there are far worse downsides to things in the world these days though, so I’ll take it.

Running Documentaries on YouTube

Anytime I stumble upon a new-to-me documentary, especially on running–I’m sold. This one was too good not to share. Watching people who are physically and mentally capable of running 100 mile races amaze me over and over again. Although, I’ll never consider doing something to that extreme, I like to live vicariously through these stronger than strong athletes. Do yourself a favor, and watch this one for some extra inspiration to keep on’ keepin’ on.

And, that’s a wrap on the 2nd edition of my favorite things lately!

Tell me, what are YOUR favorite things lately? Any good snacks I’m missing out on? Any good running documentaries that are a must-see? Tell me in the comments below!!

Happy Fri-YAY friend! I hope you have a fabulous fun-filled weekend!

As always, From Chelsea