Gratitude and Health

Running has several meanings for me. Most importantly, it gives me space to think when I need it most. While it of course pushes me physically in more ways than I can count, the mental push is far more beneficial to me than anything. Some days, it’s my saving grace to be able to have my own “mini escape” to think and soak in my whirlwind thoughts I have going on for the time being. It’s truly my “me time”.

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind, but I keep finding my thoughts traveling towards gratitude. There are some of my favorite people in this world who are facing battles far more difficult than they should or could ever deserve to go through. It’s sometimes easy to get lost in the negative thoughts and sadness for their pains, but I have to keep reminding myself to not get too caught up in that. What good does it do anyways?

While I like to think I try my hardest to put gratitude at the top of my priority list, I know it’s 10 million times easier said than done. Especially when we go through hard days. How simple is to get caught up in the routine of life and rarely take a pause to say “thank you” for the life we’ve been given? The good, the bad and the ugly. Often times, I find myself questioning what does it mean to truly FEEL grateful versus just SAYING it?

Gratitude, to me, is taking a deep breath with your heart. It revitalizes your perspective and gives you new life.

I believe it’s seeing the value in the smallest of small things, not just the major blessings in this life. I believe it’s seeing the ones you love in a new light when there’s not much light to be seen around them. I believe it’s seeing the good through the bad and the love through the hate. I believe that it’s being so filled with joy in your own heart, that your next option is to share it with those around you. Knowing that at any given time, things can change in an instant, and our gratitude can sometimes be the only thing we have to hold onto.

While I hate to see those around me hurting in any way, I also have to know and believe that we are each individually given our own mountains to climb for certain seasons of our life. However, we are NOT ever facing those mountains alone and that they are only seasons–not lifetimes. While some of those that we love that are hurting right now may be far away in the physical aspect, they’re never far from our heart. We have to count each moment for what it is and know that “this too shall pass.” While our battles can be more difficult than we could’ve ever imagined we would be facing, we have to remember that we wouldn’t be who we are without them. They mold us into stronger individuals and are only preparing us for a bigger blessing around the corner. Without that newfound strength, we wouldn’t be capable of seeing the upcoming blessing in the magnitude that it will be. We wouldn’t be able to look back on our past and feel true gratitude for those moments, without getting through them to the other side.

I believe, with all that I have, that gratitude is something we absolutely cannot live without. We have a 100% chance of facing more difficult battles than they should be when we don’t lean on gratitude on a regular basis. It’s our health, it’s our life and it’s the second most vital lifeline we could call on at any given time, next to our faith.

Next time, when you find a moment to pause or when the going gets tough for you, I want to remind you (and me) to be thankful for each and every step we get to take, each and every breath we’re given, and each and every minute that passes us by. Then, no matter what comes our way, we’ll always have those grateful thoughts to get us through to the next moment, giving ours hearts another beat.

Thankful for each and every blessing I’ve been given today and every day and sending love to all those that are seeking hope for the next moment to get them through to the other side. God sure does work in mysterious ways and he has given us ALL the ability to find gratitude in our hearts and share it with those around us.

What is it that you will be thankful for today?

Sending love and light to you all from one heart to another filled with joy and gratitude.

As always, From Chelsea