Wednesday Randoms + We went to the beach + Half Marathon #5 Training starts NOW

Isn’t it just insane how crazy fast a vacation week flies by? It’s like you get so excited for it to be here for a getaway, and then you blink and it’s OVER! While we basically spent the week trying to pick out our future beach home, (goals, goals, goals! ;)) we also spent the week at favorite places by the gulf and soaked up as much Vitamin D as possible. It was fabulous, relaxing, and such a good little break from our home-reno world a.k.a. our flipping houses circus reality! Needless to say a beach vacay was more than needed!

We spent the majority of the week in this exact spot. ^ Basically heaven. The water in Destin was absolutely GORGEOUS and perfectly teal the entire week. It felt like we were in Bora, Bora, but minus the whole passport thing.

We also visited my FAVORITE place on this earth. (Well, that I’ve visited so far.) Seaside Florida. It was only about 25 minutes away from our condo so we spent one of our days there. If you’ve never been to Seaside, seriously put it on your future vacation list. It’s the cutest little town filled with the best vacation vibes around every corner. Our favorite thing to do is grab a hot dog at the food truck stand and a cold drink while we watch all of the cute little Seasider’s ride by on their beach bikes.

We also went to the Harborwalk village in Destin a few days and loved the beach vibe there. These drinks ^^^ were FABULOUS and so refreshing! The watermelon’s with the cute umbrellas sold me.

These sopaipillas (definitely had to google how to spell that correctly! :)) basically were the cherry on top of our vacation high. I kept trying to figure out if it was possible to potentially live solely on a sopaipilla diet….If you happen to know the answer to that, keep me posted. I need to know. I mean, if I had to I could probably throw in a few pieces of broccoli or something every so often to keep things balanced.

When we weren’t spending our time eating ALL the food, we made it a daily habit to go for a beach walk. Is there anything that tops a walk by the beach? I can’t really think of anything. (Well, besides sopaipillas because…you already know my feelings on that. WHAT IF YOU COULD EAT SOPAIPILLAS AND WALK BY THE BEACH EVERY DAY? Heaven, heaven and more heaven.)

We even attempted a beach run one day. I have a new admiration for the people that run on the beach each day. That sand felt like quick sand with every step. Also, in between dodging people, we were dodging holes in the sand made for sand castles and kids toys about every 5 feet. It was interesting to say the least. But, still no complaints because I’d take a run by the beach in the sunny sunshine any day.

I also attempted to get in my Shift Shop workouts as much as possible because my fit group started that Monday we started vacation. Improvising queen right here. I didn’t bring my weights and there wasn’t a gym in the condo so I used these guys as my weights for my strength workout. They did the job AND when I got thirsty they came in super handy. WIN-WIN!

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I also attempted to find a way to create a new profession: Beach tube twirler. Now, if I can figure this one out you guys know I’ll let you know and will open up shop ASAP. Sadly, our trip had to come to an end. It was back to reality before we knew it.

Our first stop was to the grocery store to stock up on our favorites. After a week of fried seafood at our finger tips, sweets on sweets and a few of our favorite cold drinks–we knew we our bodies were ready to hit the reset button.

I was also craving a good sweat session too! This run felt extra hard but extra good. Plus being smacked with a heat advisory all last week made for an extra warm welcome back. I’m talking temps that “felt” like 106….

Then, my foam roller and superfoods were calling my name. Is this the definition of adulting? πŸ™‚

I also got these two out for a good long walk and play session when we go back. They were pretty lazy and spoiled by their Nanny while we were gone for the week so it was back to reality for them too! We couldn’t really decide if they were happy we were back or not after that much spoiling! HA!

While I was gone I had plenty of time to pick out my fall races and this one ^ made me most excited! I couldn’t wait to get back to get started on training for half marathon #5 this October. I’ve done the Soaring Wings half twice before and their Full marathon last year. I absolutely LOVE this race, it’s purpose and it’s course.

I started training THIS week–so far so good! I’m making it my mission to tackle hills and make them feel somewhat normal so when race day comes I’ll be more than prepared. I always basically avoid hills because….well they’re hills….but not this time! Send me good vibes because I’ll need them ALL to get through some of these workouts. Is it strange that hills make me nervous? Weirdo, I know it.

I survived today’s hills and it was only a nerve-wracking glance into the future. I told myself this was definitely a good starting point for a girl who has serious allergies, lives in a majorly humid climate and has the lungs the size of peas. Here’s hoping it gets easier with every hill workout.

I’ll be posting soon about the rest of my fall race list so stay tuned! Maybe we could run a race together!!

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!!

Questions for YOU:

(Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!)

What fall race are you most excited about?

What’s your favorite place to vacation to?

As far as I know and out of all of the places I’ve been, Seaside Florida has my heart. It’s just the perfect little vacation spot.

What workout do you avoid most when it comes to tough workouts?

As always, From Chelsea