Chewsday Tuesday: Mushroom & Rice Casserole

Now go ahead and hear me out from the start, all you who are mushroom haters don’t fear this recipe! I can guarantee you I have not ever been a major mushroom fan. That was, until this dish landed on my dinner table. No lies about it, the mushrooms in this recipe are just the perfect addition that this dish needed to top it off.

I can promise you that if you just give this quick and simple one-pot dinner a try, you’ll be in love with the flavors! Not only do they taste super delicious mixed around with the yummy sautéed onion and veggie stock flavors, but they’re ALSO packed with health benefits. Just to name a few, mushrooms are great for boosting your immune system (SCORE!), and they destroy cancer cells (DOUBLE SCORE!)! I just always assumed they were little fungus-y guys that grew in the yard after rain to be quite honest. 😉 But, I was wrong by far!

What made me most excited about this recipe and all of it’s sliced/chopped veggies is that I was able to test our my shiny new FOOD PROCESSOR!! How am I so late to the game on this? Seriously, cut my prep time in half just being able to throw these onions, garlic and mushrooms in and TADAA, 5 seconds later they were ready to cook!

Serve up and enjoy! Feel free to mix in your own choice of veggies here too! We both agreed that adding shrimp in this dish would be even yummier! The options are endless really!

Let’s catch up again real soon!