House #1–“Wild Turkey” BEFORE

DISCLAIMER: I’ll go ahead and apologize in advance for the quality of some of the pictures in this post. But, don’t think you’re missing out on any of the details because what you see is definitely what you get with “BEFORE” photos.

I have to say, there’s not much worse than a foreclosure. If you’ve ever pulled up and attempted to go inside of a foreclosed home, it’s quite a sight to see. I can’t for the life of me, (even after seeing SO many houses at this point) understand what happens between the time of the actual “foreclosure” period to the time the home is actually listed for sale. Most of, if not all, have grossly stained carpet and weird smells throughout. To understand that even as bad as these things sound, they’re just the minor details though in the grand scheme of things. I’ll let you take a look at these pictures and make your own observations. These pictures below include some of the work getting done as well. But, overall I present you with the “BEFORE” pictures of the first ever renovation project.

Nick bought this as his first ever house and first ever “flip” at the age of 29. (Taking a leap of faith was an understatement on his part.) He actually closed on it within the first few months that we started dating. I remember walking in and thinking “hhmmm…..I like the place??” πŸ˜‰ When I walked in, there were zero floors to be seen and the kitchen was non-existent. His brother, Andy, helped out majorly with this project and spent many of his days helping paint, find/situate furniture to stage every room and make major decisions. He was such a huge help and definitely kept Nick sane as he was unsure of the whole process as he went along. To this day we still reach out to Andy (he moved to Wisconsin a few years ago.) and he helps us when we need it most.

Notice cute Joey^^ checking out the “new” place. πŸ™‚

The above ^ chandelier didn’t make the final cut though. Just one of the many “fun” things we get to do is try about 80000000 light fixtures in each room before we pick out the final one. The tall ceilings though in the great room were what sold Nick on this house. The beams were actually worn and brown, but we didn’t get a picture of that. Don’t worry though, it wasn’t too pretty.

All the praise hands for floors being laid!

Getting closer…..

This house in specific had a rough backyard situation to begin with. It was overgrown and obviously not taken care of in years.

Now, you know what we were working with from the start. Just wait until you see the “AFTER” photos. For a first flip, it was a learning experience in MANY ways and turned out to be such a precious home. I remember putting the “For Sale” sign in the yard feeling like we were leaving a little piece of our hearts behind those walls.

To be continued…..

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