Out with the old & in with the NEW!

SURPRISE! Notice anything different around here by chance? Yep, that’s right–new blog facelift/overhaul-including the name! If you happen to know me in real life you’d probably be well aware that my taste for changing things around is pretty common. I was always the girl who changed her cubical space at work around about twice a month to feel like I was making SOME sort of a change or two despite my not-so-changing daily office job. Or, when I was younger, living at home with my parents, I was the girl that changed her bedroom more often than not because I felt like I slept better when my bed was facing a certain direction….I can’t be the only one, right?

Anyways, changing over from a more solely fitness-related blogger to a full-on lifestyle blogger has always been something I’ve wanted to do. While you guys know 1000% health and wellness is always my main focus, I do live other things out on a daily basis. If you know me well even better than the above Chelsea-related-past-facts, or have read along with me before I’ve shared before that we flip houses and I’m a licensed real estate agent. It’s very much consuming in more ways than one and I have developed a serious passion for it. While Nick does a ton of the actual “renovation” side of things, I’m always right there in the thick of things helping out with making decisions (oooohhhhh decisions….our worst enemy in the flipping world.), the never ending paint jobs, and the various odds and ends things that I have to takcle on the real estate side of things. We very much take on this whole flipping houses “gig” as a team and wouldn’t have it any other way. Most couples would probably end up in prison for strangling their other half during a renovation project, but come to find out, it’s actually been something we thrive off of. Don’t get me wrong here–there’s no lack of angry frustrated filled moments, (especially when you’ve tried 1800 paint colors and they’re all starting to look the same and you just want to quit all together), but we somehow make it through to the other side feeling accomplished and fulfilled with what we do.

Saying all of that, I figured I would rather be able to share more of that side of my life while still incorporating my health and wellness adventures with it because they’re both equally a significant part of who I am. They each balance me out and keep me grounded in their own unique ways. Put it with being a dog-mom to aging fluff balls of laziness, and trying not to eat ALL of the chocolate in the U.S. and life in general mixed in between, I’ve got my hands pretty full on a regular basis.

So, that brings me to the new look around here and new name in town, “Just me, Chelsea B.”. Chelsea comes from well, Chelsea is my name of course, but B. is just my middle name’s first initial. I figured by titling my blog this way, it won’t pigeon hole me into just one sole focus, and I’ll be able to expand my posts to things that more people can relate with in multiple ways. Plus, I love sharing our house flipping adventures as they can range from hilariously nuts to straight bizarre on a regular basis. I figured my more running focused readers may be a bit confused when they come to my blog and find me picking out a deck stain so THIS change fixes all of that in a snap. But, I also wanted to share that I don’t just run from sun up to sun down on a daily basis, and that I’m actually a person with a real job that works on a variety of different things around the clock.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–being a so-called “flipper” is NOT like what you see on HGTV. They like to sugar-coat things and make everyone think it’s a piece of cake with just a tiny bit of stress and hard work involved and *POOOFFF* you’re a house “flipper” with a shiny big profit and flawless house as an end result! But, what they’re skipping over is some seriously intense work and energy that can’t be sugar-coated in any possible way to really end up with a great result that leaves everyone happy in the end. So, I’ll be showing you what it REALLY looks like from beginning to end, –the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ll be sharing posts from our previously renovated properties, to the one we are currently working on. I’ll bring you along the whole time so hopefully you can see just how much fun and how crazy things can get in the home-reno world! Then, you’ll completely understand why my running/workout time is honestly more like a necessity than it is a “hobby”. Much needed sanity people!! πŸ™‚ Plus, the reason as to why we choose to make our nutrition a priority is because we need ALL the energy and more to take on the day.

So, I hope you enjoy the new, and don’t completely forget the old because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing all of my running and recipes along the way. That’s not going anywhere either, so stick around here for more of those posts and some new ones in between! Diving in headfirst in a lifestyle blogger is going to be so much fun, and I can’t wait to have you on this journey with me! Here goes nothing!

>>Make sure to check out the tabs above to see what’s new! I’m working on my first “BEFORE” post for you from our first ever renovation project! Make sure to stay tuned for that and so much more! <<