House # 1– “Wild Turkey” AFTER

Now if that’s not a transformation, I’m not sure what is. If you missed the “BEFORE” pictures of this house, make sure to go >>here<< before reading on in this post so you can get the full effect.

This house made such an amazing turn around ESPECIALLY on the outside. It’s crazy to see what a little bit of attention to the landscaping can do to the curb appeal of a home. Nick has such a good eye for these types of things and he really hit this one out of the park.

This one took about a year to complete. With foreclosures there are some stipulations depending on certain parts of the situation that can determine just how long you can take on the buying/selling part. So, bought in early 2014 and sold mid 2015. We were pretty proud of this one because it sold in just about 30 days total on the market. I wasn’t in real estate at the time, so Nick’s brother, Andy, helped us with the marketing and open houses. We held a few open houses and had a ton of people go through with showings each and every day it was on the market. Needless to say we were definitely impressed with the traffic we were getting and the interest it was drawing in. The hard work officially proved to pay off in the end and closed to a cute little family that bought not just any house, but a real home put together with love and attention to each and every detail. For Nick’s first ever renovation, he knew he made the right decision by jumping into this whole “gig”. He learned so much throughout the process and only continues to grow with each one.

I present you with the “AFTER” pictures of the first renovation project that went from quite a gloomy and dark mess to an adorable cozy HOME.

This room ^ turned out so cute and was such a welcoming and bright space. Most of the furniture finds were from I.O. Metro or were off of “Craigslist”.

This room sold it though to us. Those tall ceilings turned out gorgeous and the rock fireplace put the coziest touch to the entire room.

Talk about a serious kitchen transformation!

Guest bedroom.

Guest bath.

Master. Luckily we’ve grown a bit in style since then! 😉 But, overall 3 beds and 2 full baths.

Master bath.

The backyard space got a huge update. Mulch saved the day in this home.

Private deck area that was very much needed as the space was WIDE open to everyone before. The colors and design turned out absolutely perfect.

There she is! What do you guys think? We were pretty proud of this one to be first and turn out so well. It’s so amazing to watch these things turn around in such a short amount of time. To get to watch it from beginning to end is my favorite part. Luckily this home wasn’t in much need of “major” TLC but mainly cosmetic which was perfect for a first timer.

And onto House #2 we went….

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