House #2–“Breckenridge” Progress-Part 2

Welcome back to “part 2” of our progress on our second home renovation project, “Breckenridge”. If you haven’t just yet, make sure to check out “part 1” so you can see all of the renovation projects from the beginning! You can find it >>here<<.

So, once we were wrapping up most of the interior updates, it was time to move to the outside! This included updating the aging deck around back. The backyard itself was HUGE at this house and it needed a brightened up deck space to enjoy the entire backyard.

It was basically just really worn by the weather over the years, so we knew if we could get it cleaned up and stained, it would be good as new! Nick also added steps to the other side of the deck so you could access it from both sides.

Starting with staining the railing. That’s always fun! (Insert: sarcasm.)

Then updating the bottom and underneath sections went down. We loved bringing the interior color scheme to the outside area with the gray and white colors.

Water feature was added along with a mulch bed to clean up the space.

Another project to tackle, was the fence. This fence started out as a chain length fence that Nick took down. It ended up being completed in the middle of the summer, which in Arkansas is around 100+ degrees every day. Not our brightest of ideas….But, it was completed which was all that mattered in the end. 125 feet and all. Did I mention this backyard was huge?

Piece by piece it went up.

Finished product! Much better than before!

Then Nick updated the shutter colors. We went through about 5 different samples before finally landing on the right one. It really did make for a huge change in the exterior look of the house.

Then final touches on landscaping.

Last but not least, the tiniest of tiny details were marked off our to-do list like staining the new mailbox post.

You would be surprised at how long the to-do list gets when you’re updating these houses. You have to find a stopping point eventually and decide that you’re happy with how everything turned out. Of course, there’s always more that you wish you could do with each one, but this house turned out even better than we could’ve imagined!

Next stop–For Sale sign went into the yard! Stay tuned for Breckenridge’s “After” post coming your way next!

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