8 ways to get your motivation back

It happens to the best of us, more often than we’d like to admit. We all go through slumps of highs and lows with our motivation and there’s really no way to avoid it. The good news is, there are a few ways to get through the low points and get back to feeling motivated again.

Here are my favorite ways to get your motivation back:

1.) Sit down and write out what it is that you really want. You’ll want to be very specific here and get down to the nitty gritty. Write down your exact goals and how long you plan to work for each one. Then, write out how you plan to get there. Be specific here too. Are you wanting to run a half marathon in the next 6 months? Write that as your goal and what plan you’ll be using to train for it. Want to lose 30 pounds? Same thing, write out your goal plan of 30 pound weight loss, then exactly how you plan on tackling that goal. Maybe you’re wanting to land a new dream job. Write out that dream job title you’re aiming for, then what you can do each day to grow closer to landing it. I promise writing things out sparks a motivation like no other. It’s like it lights you up again if you’ve lost that inner spark to get you to where you truly want to be. Plus, having a specific plan helps guide you to exactly what steps you’re needing to take to get you on the move again.

2.) Go back to the beginning drawing board and figure out WHY your goal is so important to you. Once you get back to the whole reason as to why this goal is so important to you, you’ll be able to re-focus and find your purpose in it again. Then, you can take the next steps of taking action forward. Start that new workout program you’ve been eyeing for so long, and start NOW! There’s so much excitement in fresh starts and that may be just what you need to get going again! Pick a new program or workout that excites you that feels good to YOU. Remember, we are all on our own journey, so don’t get sidetracked on someone else’s goals and plans. Their “WHY” is most likely totally and completely different than yours. They may love swimming because it clears their mind and it may not do the same for you, or same with running–it may be what lights you up on the inside! Find what you LOVE to do and what brings you joy in the day in-day out process. Start from scratch and know exactly WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. Then, you’ll be able to get to taking action more often and consistently.

3.) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–If you’re a runner, sign up for a race! Signing up for a race gets you out the door more often than not because you have a concrete goal in the works. You’ve signed up, you’ve paid for it and now it’s time to train! I promise, works like a charm!

4.) Create a Pinterest board of inspiration to draw from. When you’re lacking that get up and go mentality, pull up your pinterest board to light up your spark again. I could get lost in Pinterest and spend hours there, and it always leaves me feeling more motivated to make some things happen. (Of course, there are countless recipes I’ve hoped to make there too, but that’s a whole different story for another day. ;))

5.) Follow people on social media that inspire you. We all do it every single day, basically. We log on and scroll, scroll then scroll some more. So, why not make it somewhat useful too where you follow some people that help you stay motivated to get to work again! I love this most on Saturday mornings when I’d much rather stay snuggled in my warm bed instead of going out for a run. Then, I pull up Instagram and see that basically half of the people I follow have already run their miles for the day. This seriously motivates me and says, If they’re doing it–so can I.

6.) When you wake up in the morning, write out your one fitness goal of the day to accomplish. Again, writing things out makes it feel like you’re more committed to getting it done. Plus, is there anything better than checking off an item on your to-do list? I think not! I like to try to set a few goals each day that I know I need to get done. That way, I can stay focused on those few things and make sure to get them knocked out to feel like I’ve been somewhat productive on life’s never ending to-do list. We can’t get EVERYTHING done, but we can definitely put a dent in things if we just stay on task.

7.) Buy a new pair of running shoes, or new yoga pants! Hey, even new socks does the trick for me! It’s like once you buy them, you can’t just let them collect dust in your closet, right? Ahhhh, the feeling of fresh running shoes is hard to beat.

8.) Last but not least, get some personal development in. I love using personal development every single day to stay on track with my goals and motivation. Whether it’s through reading books, listening to podcasts, or reading blogs, taking time to do this each day makes the biggest difference to me. If you’re a major multi-tasker like myself , I like to listen to audio books or podcasts while I do computer work! There’s honestly never a time I don’t finish up a good personal development session and leave feeling unmotivated. There are SO many good reads/listens out there that trigger some serious motivational points to get you going again!

I hope this helps you get up and get going again! Like I said, it happens to the best of us, no matter what it is that we’re trying to accomplish. But, luckily with a little extra push in the effort department, you’ll get back to where you were before and feel stronger than ever! You’ve got this friend, just take it one day at a time!

Questions for YOU:

(Share your thoughts in the comments below!)

Where do you go when you’re needing to feel motivated again?

What’s your favorite personal development book or podcast?

–My favorite podcast right now is the Oprah Winfrey “Super Soul” conversations. They’re ALL so good and so motivating! My current personal development read is the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins! I”m listening to it on audio and can’t get enough of it so far! So many good takeaways.

What is one of your goals you want to accomplish in the next month?

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