House #2 "Breckenridge" After

I couldn’t be more excited to share today’s post with you! It’s House #2-Breckenridge’s AFTER post time!! (YAY!) If you missed my before pictures, you can find them >>here<

This house was 4 bed, 2 1/2 bath, 2680 square feet. So, lots and lots of space to move around in. ((Also, lots and lots of space needing renovation.))

Nick bought this house at $142,000 (what a steal!) as a foreclosed property and sold it for $235,000. This one’s work was finished in about a years time as we soaked up every last minute we could in this house. We even got to celebrate Christmas with my family in it which was such a great memory to make there!

Want to know the best part? We sold it in is less than 8 days on the market! YES! 8 DAYS! We couldn’t have been happier with that time frame, that’s for sure. No open houses, just multiple showings each day and plenty of marketing!

With that, I present you with our 2nd home renovation’s “After” pictures!

Notice that bookshelf in the middle of the living room? That’s the AMAZING built-in shelf that Nick and his brother built from scratch! They did it in just a matter of days and it was absolutely flawless! It looked like it was built originally with the home. To say it was impressive would be an understatement! It fit perfectly and divided the space so much better than just the simple beam that was there before.

^^I loved this kitchen! So bright, airy and open.

^^One of the three sitting areas in the house. This space was super fun to decorate!

I was able to snap these last pictures the day we moved out. It’s always interesting to see the house empty again with a whole new look to it. This one made quite the transformation from beginning to end.

I couldn’t be more in love with that bookshelf. Check out all of those built ins! Shelves on shelves!

Before we knew it, house #2 was done and we were ready for our next adventure!

Then came House #3…..

Stay tuned!

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