House #3–"Gunpowder" Before

Welcome to the house on Gunpowder! House #3, also known as “Gunpowder” was such a charmer from the start. The exterior on this one was leaps and bounds ahead of the others we had worked on before. This made us even more curious to see the inside!

We looked at this one on Easter weekend of 2016 and made an offer the exact same day. We knew right when we walked in, this was going to be a great house with its adorable appeal from the inside out. It was a one owner home that had been well taken care of for several years, so we felt even more confident with this buy. After some quick negotation and a pretty decent inspection, we were closed and ready to get our hands dirty. It was sold to us in as-is condition, and our first non-foreclosure buy as a family was just in need to sell it ASAP. We were told that the previous home owner was an older widow who was out mowing her lawn even into her 80’s! You could tell she put a lot of love into this house and we wanted to make sure to do her justice in the end.

With 3 beds, 2 1/2 baths and 2091 square feet and a price tag at $139,000 we jumped right in.

With that, I give you House #3’s BEFORE pictures. We joked and called this one “Brown-Town” because there was just SO much brown everywhere you looked! Where there wasn’t brown, there were multiple other colors (Like pink, green and yellow) that were all in desperate need for a refresher ASAP. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–painting a house does WONDERS and this house proved my point even more with it’s transformation.

We actually lucked out here and the seller had JUST put in new carpet in the entire house, so these green floors were no longer there when we closed.

This bathroom below even came with pink toilet paper. You also can’t really tell from the pictures, but the doors, framing and even the blinds were pink. Pink theme from top to bottom, accomplished! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, hold onto your hats because these “AFTER” pictures will blow these “BEFORE” pictures out of the water! It was so much fun to update this cute house and make it into an updated home again!

Stay tuned for my “progress” post too so you can see behind the scenes work while it was under construction!