House #3–“Gunpowder” Progress Part 1

So, after you’ve seen the “BEFORE” pictures of our 3rd home renovation progress, it’s time for the progress report for this one! Boy, were we in for some serious work. And by work, I mainly mean paint. Paint, paint and more paint! At this point in the flipping game, we were well aware that painting is a huge part of the renovation process. But, this house put things into a whole new perspective. Basically every single inch of this one needed paint, and I mean every…single….inch. So, with that we got to work (and coffee!)!

Remember, that great room? Yep, this was definitely Day #1! Brown, brown and more brown!

Ahhh…..much better! This room needed a lighter and brighter feel to it, for sure.

When I said every inch, I even meant every inch of the ceiling too! Check out the difference it makes when you add a fresh coat of white paint to it! Like night and day.

New blinds went up! Those are always exciting to see put up because they really are one of the first updates to make it feel like a home again. Guess what color blinds were here before? If you guessed BROWN, you were right!! Of course, I knew you would get it because you’re so smart!! πŸ˜‰ Brown blinds to go with the brown walls. I’m telling you, consistency was very much a thing in this house. At least, by the room–I should say.

Chair railing is really pretty and makes for a sophisticated look, but it’s not fun to paint. At least it turned out really nice and clean! This picture was also, pre-hardwood flooring.

Then, the hardwood flooring work started to get going. There’s just something so classic about dark hardwoods. They really gave this room an amazing update!

Then came the kitchen flooring….

I spy a vintage light that was soon-to-be replaced! (Oh, and a dog food bowl ;))

Much better, right?

Next project: Wall oven reno. Nick thought it would open things up if he could just knock this tall piece out completely and we could place the oven to the side of it instead. He was SO right! This kitchen needed all the space we could get, and taking this part out definitely did the trick! He was able to open up that entryway to the dining room and give both rooms a more open feel.

Next up, the cabinet updates. We took them all off and stained them white to brighten up the kitchen, which was very much needed. Our breezeway sure came in handy for this project in particular. If you’ve ever used oil based paint, just know we sympathize with you. It’s a pain in every possible way and sticks to literally EVERYTHING in sight! (I’m cringing just thinking about it!)

Molding updates + hardware.

Finished product! These cleaned up really nicely for a straight lined and modern look.

Onto the countertop demolition! Nick loves this part the most because he can really tear things apart! πŸ˜‰ See ya never, yellow!

No really, see ya never….ever again! And take your 1970’s appliances with ya when you go! πŸ˜‰

Ahhh……countertop installation day is almost celebrated like a holiday in our houses! It’s always SO much fun seeing these put into place! This is one of the only things we contract out to get done and it really does pay off. It makes for a super loud day waiting for the work to get done, but it’s so gorgeous afterwards. Not to mention, it’s amazing to go from zero countertops in the kitchen to being able to use a functioning kitchen again! (Also, YAY for new appliances going in too!!) This kitchen really came together pretty quickly!

Backsplash time!

Even the fireplace got a new look! Bye, bye gold!

Next up, stair renovation! This turned out to be a lot more of an undertaking with two small dogs running around. When Nick had the carpet completely off and the flooring opened up, Cooper fell through while hopping up the stairs one day and I nearly had a heart attack trying to scoop him up. No stair flooring=no fun.

Thank goodness, it turned out super pretty because it took some serious work getting these re-done. Nick probably spent a good two weeks just on the stairs alone.

…Then, we moved to the bathrooms. Remember that pink floral wallpaper? Yep, no longer in existence. Hello pretty white subway tiles and brightened walls!

One of our favorite parts of this house were the faucets. This one was so different and gave an extra touch of character to the guest bathroom upstairs. The tiniest of updates can really go a long way! We even found another faucet with an LED light on the water when it was on for the downstairs bathroom. How cool is that?

Once the inside started to come together…it was time to update the outside! Hello pretty stairs and kitchen!

Check out Part 2 of our progress on this one, next!

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