Friday Five

Happy Fri-YAY! Who’s ready to jump into the first weekend of Fall? If only it FELT like Fall around here, that’d be just lovely! Here in Arkansas we’re still stuck with the mid-summer temperatures outside and I’m just about ready to buy Mother Nature a PSL to get her into gear. Here’s hoping she gets the hint REAL soon!

I’m so excited to share my Friday Five’s with you today! Totally random and zero theme whatsoever, but five things I’m just dying to pour out here, so let’s get right to it!


My birthday was last week (YAY!) and I’m committing my next year to “just doing”. I like to think of it as my own personal “New Years”. I’m calling it “The year of–just do“. I’m taking action and not holding back whatsoever. I’ve always been my toughest critic and have let fear and self-doubt control me in too many ways before, but that train stops here. (well, it offically stopped last Thursday night at midnight, but you get the idea! 😉) So, with a few life changes career wise as of late, I’m taking all of these things as signs and pushes as a divine intervention that’s launching me towards a new path and new direction. A direction that’s filled with more freedom, less stress and more focus on what really lights me up from the inside out.

I’ve always been anti-stress (as much as possible), but have tended to let worry consume my entire being some days. But, taking my own advice and Nick’s as I vent to him most frequently 😉 –I’m letting it all go. I’m jumping into the unknown to live fearlessly, to embrace a life that I truly love and thrive off of. I’m unapologetically seeking what sets my soul on fire and am hoping to grow not just this year, but every year after that. Watch out world, change is on the menu and I’m ordering ALL OF IT and leaving not a single crumb to spare.

Complete with making my dream/vision/goal board to keep my inner spark going any and all the time!


I took this as a sign the other day on our walk to find a “little free library” filled with some of my favorite reads and some I haven’t yet jumped into just yet, but fully intend to. (The one on the bottom even has a bookmark that’s a library return card from 1978…..)


My family filled my cup with some of my favorite things last week for my birthday! I FINALLY jumped on the salt lamp wagon and can barely contain my excitement. Hello himalayan sea salt, planner and my own “notice me” felt board!

And pretty much the cutest thing ever, my sweet niece baked her first ever cake the other day JUST FOR ME! She even colored the inside purple because she wanted it to be my favorite color! Seriously, her heart is the absolute best and I love her to pieces.

(Yes, I was definitely nervous with her lighting the candles here too…..luckily we all made it out alive and still with hair on our heads! ha!)


I’ve been painting up a storm lately on the current flip house. These bathrooms require several coats of paint that sometimes end up leaving me more covered it in than the walls. I’m not sure how that even happens. (No, your eyes aren’t seeing things—that’s definitely PINK carpet in the bathroom…..sigh)

This guy has been painting up a storm too! Kitchen painted+ bar+stair banister–we’re making serious progress! I can’t wait to share it with you guys as we get closer and closer to listing this one.


Last, but not least–I’ll leave you with one of my favorite inspirational quotes lately. Enjoy!

Happy Friday from me to you! What are some of the things that you’re super excited about lately?

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