Chewsday Tuesday: Very Berry "Nice" Cream

Ice cream you can have year round, that’s GOOD for you? Sign me up! It’s been just a bit since I’ve shared a good recipe with you guys, and today seemed like a perfect day to do just that! I’ve been recovering from a terrible cold and ice cream has sounded like the best thing ever these past few days to my sore throat! But, sometimes it’s hard to find ice cream at the store with minimal ingredients that still has good flavor! Now, don’t get me wrong–I did try “Halo Top” last week and quickly fell in love!! But, this recipe today calls for 3 ingredients, tastes FABULOUS, AND it’s super easy to whip up yourself any time of the year! Plus, I’m willing to bet if you are a smoothie maker, you probably have ALL of these ingredients right in your kitchen already! No grocery trip required!

Remember when I told you about my lovely new favorite kitchen companion, my food processor? Yep, you guessed it! It’s the star of the show in this recipe! Although it’s not required, it does however work REALLY well with combining these ingredients together as there’s not much liquid going in at all…well zero to be exact! So, if you have a food processor–whip that tool out and get to processing my friend!

Also, I like to take some of my extra spotty bananas and throw them into a ziplock bag to stick in the freezer to have on hand when I want to make this recipe! So, next time you have some browning bananas laying around but no recipe to throw them into, just save them in the freezer to use either for this “nice” cream or a smoothie down the road!

We even like to mix up this recipe and save it for breakfast! It’s somewhat smoothie like which is my favorite part! PLUS, did I mention it’s 100% gluten AND dairy free? Oh yes, that’s right! What could be better?!

Here are the berries and honey I like to use! These mixed berries combine so well together to bring the yummiest flavors out and make your taste buds extra happy! πŸ™‚ Also, the honey gives this recipe just the perfect amount of sweetness needed! It’s the perfect combination!

Now, for the good stuff! Here’s the recipe!

I hope you love this recipe! Feel free to mix it around and try out different fruits too!! It’s so simple and versatile that anything you throw in will taste amazing!! I hope you enjoy every last drop!

Talk to you soon, friends!