Self-Care Sunday

Hello and happy Sunday! Something about Sunday mornings just makes me want to hop out of bed and start my day earlier than normal. Am I the only one? It doesn’t hurt when it’s gorgeous outside too! In Arkansas, we jumped straight from warm days to freezing cold, overnight! Literally! It was FREEZING this morning when I woke up, but nothing a little hot cup of coffee can’t help! Mmmm….

I love to spend my Sundays doing all things self-care. It’s such a good way to prepare for the week ahead with a clean slate, prepped and ready to mentally and physically take on the next 7 days.

While there are many different types of self-care you can practice to refresh your system and get grounded–there a a few vital groups that it’s important to focus on. I like to touch on each of these each day of the week, but especially on Sundays. Of course, you don’t have to do them all, but ideally carving time out of your day once a week for some “me” time will benefit you in SO many different ways. Do what feels best for YOU, but I promise if you try to add this to your weekly routine–you’ll instantly start seeing and feeling the benefits!

These are my favorite Sunday Self-Care activities:

  • Yoga (Of any kind!)

  • Long walk

  • Long nap

  • Facial

  • Candle lit Epsom salt bath

  • Dry brushing to active my lymphatic system

  • Manicure/pedicure

  • Diving into a good book

  • Family time

  • Meal prepping for the week ahead

  • Soup Sunday or making a new recipe

  • Early bedtime

  • Power cleaning to clear away the clutter around the house

So, how will you spend your Self-Care Sunday?