Friday Five

It’s Fri-YAY!! Who else is excited? Is it even possible to NOT be excited for Friday to finally roll back around? I don’t think so!

Here are 5 totally random things that I just have to tell you about today!

This week has been such an exciting week after the New York City Marathon and I just can’t help but feel extra motivated by Shalane’s win! Did you get to watch it? I was glued to the screen the entire morning just cheering my heart out! She did AMAZING!! Of course, I can’t forget to mention my other running hero, Meb! You can tell he just put everything out there that he could on race day. I’ll be so sad that he won’t be out in the major races anymore, but he has had quite the career.

Seriously, if this doesn’t make you fall in love with runners, I’m not sure what would. This made me tear up because of these people’s hard work and determination! I can’t imagine being out on the course for 8-10 hours, much less finish with a smile on my face. I thought 5 hours was long…But look how much spirit they have! How awesome!!

Okay, so who else was waiting for this like we were? Our Target didn’t have just a huge selection, but they do have some seriously cute items! Their kitchenware is to die for!

In SUPER random news, look what I came across the other day while I was painting one of the upstairs closets! Yes, that’s definitely a little blue box! But, sad news to report–It was totally empty! My heart skipped a beat for a second when I found it, but sadly there was nothing to be found inside! Ohhhhh the many things we find while flipping houses! I have to admit, this was a little bit more exciting than the shredder we found in the garage when we moved in. But, then when I realized it was empty–the shredder took first place again. ha!

Last but not least, what are your thoughts on this runner’s world article? It’s all about the top running cities in the U.S.! Is your city on the list? I wish ours was but we’re nowhere to be found! I love traveling to new places though and see lots of runners out and about! Maybe, I’ll just have to add these lists to my bucket list really soon!

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

Do you like to watch the major marathons on TV?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve found when you moved into a new house?

Who has Chip & Joanna’s line on their Christmas list this year?

Have a fabulous rest of your Friday!! Let’s talk again soon, k? πŸ˜‰