Review: Bobo’s Apple Pie Oat Bar + Weekend Words to Live By

Good morning Saturday friends! I’m sure you guys have a packed schedule today as this week is one of the major holiday weeks of the year! So much to do, so little time to do it in, right? Who’s ready for some deliciousness, come Thursday? I know I sure am! To prepare myself for all things yummy this week, today I decided to review the Bob’s Apple Pie Oat Bar.

If you’re new around here, on Saturday’s I like to share my thoughts with you on a brand new (to me) product! Be it food, health care products, home DIY items, or just anything that sparks my eye that I feel like you may like too! I mean, because you’re probably curious about a lot of things just like me but just don’t want to spend $28347 dollars on something that turns out to be a flop, JUST LIKE ME! Right? RIGHT! So–don’t you worry-I’ve got your back each week from here on out! These are NOT sponsored posts, and no one is paying me $5 million dollars to share my thoughts and opinions, mmmmk? Even though, if someone really would like to come along and give me $5 million dollars just for fun, I’d be more than okay with that. Just wanted to make sure and throw that out there. πŸ˜‰

Make sure to catch last week’s post >>here.

Anyways–I know I’ve said it before, but Fall just screams apples to me so this bar just jumped right out at me! Oh, and not to mention the dutch apple pie planned for Thanksgiving dessert this week maaaayyyy have sparked this craving too! πŸ˜‰

So, Bobo’s have been around for a little while now and I’ve seen them at so many different health stores but haven’t ever tried one! What’s wrong with me, right? Well, that changed this week because I grabbed not one, but two of these babies because I just had a good feeling about them. Their marketing also totally sucked me in, because aren’t they just wrapped in the cutest little package ever? Pretty much anything apple-y makes me happy…candles, soaps, snacks, scratch & sniff stickers, you get the point. They were a little bit on the pricey end being $2.99 per bar, but if you feel the weight of them–they’re pretty dense. That makes 100% sense to me though considering 1/2 bar is 160 calories which means if you eat the entire bar in one sitting you’ll get in a whopping 320 calories! That’s quite a bit for one snack bar!

I was also super impressed with these ingredients as well! Nothing too crazy which is always a huge factor when it comes to snack bars. I’m a little less likely to grab something when I see a list of about 238479237 ingredients for just one tiny bar! But, these definitely impressed me by avoiding that with their simple ingredient list!

Oh, AND they’re soy free, gluten free, vegan & non-GMO! Even better in my book!

Now for the yummy part! The verdict: DELICIOUS!!

The smell is the very first thing that I noticed right when I opened it up because it’s so apple-y and cinnamon-y smelling that I couldn’t wait to take a bite! It tasted like a sweet dessert treat just like I hoped it would! You know what else? I couldn’t even finish the whole bar because it was so insanely filling with just a few bites! I can definitely see myself stashing one of these guys in my bag though for a hike or a long walk for some extra fuel to snack on along the way! It’s not super tiny by any means, so you’d probably not want to pack a ton of them to save space, but I definitely plan on buying more of these in the future! Great snack to have on hand when your sweet tooth is lingering!

Cheers to Bobo’s bars! I can’t wait to try more flavors soon! If apple pie isn’t your jam–I saw they had original flavor, coconut, and chocolate chip along with tons of others–so I’m willing to bet they’ll have SOMETHING your taste buds would fancy.

Alright and last but not least on this glorious pre-thanksgiving Saturday, I want to leave you with a few words to live by this weekend! A gentle reminder/love note from me to encourage you to live your best life, every single drop of every single day! I hope to not only inspire you here with my thoughts on healthy living in a physical manner, but a mental and emotional way too! Know from my heart, that I genuinely hope that you leave my blog each time you stop by feeling a little bit more inspired than when you opened up my page to begin with and to go out and be your BEST YOU today and everyday! I truly care about YOU and I’m thankful for you stopping by my little corner of the internet each week to read my ramblings about anything and all things random, including these words of encouragement for today!

And with that, I’ll just leave these thoughts right here for you. I hope your 80 year old you will have ZERO regrets.

Happy Saturday to you!! Enjoy your day and do something that lights you up from the inside out today, k?

Questions for YOU today! (Comment below with your thoughts!)

Does marketing sell you when you’re at the grocery store? Bright colors and cute little shapes suck me in every time. (I promise, I’m 28 years old and not 10 also….Ha!)

What are your weekend plans?

What are your words to live by this weekend? Anything that you’re striving to keep in focus as you enter this holiday week ahead?

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