Review: Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Dark Chocolaty Drizzled Sea Salt Kettle Corn + Weekend Words to Live By

Good Morning!! I hope you’re getting a super slow and easy start to your Saturday so far! Is there anything better than a nice and relaxing Saturday morning? I don’t think so! Maybe you have plans to head out and go Christmas shopping today and if you do, I surely wish you luck in avoiding all the crazy hustle and bustle around the stores and malls! I like to try and avoid that at all costs, because crowds just aren’t my favorite thing ever. Chocolate and popcorn, however, IS definitely my kind of thing!

For today’s weekend review, I’m sharing my thoughts on Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop “Dark Chocolaty Drizzled Sea Salt Kettle Corn”. Anyone else big fans of dark chocolate? I’ve ALWAYS loved dark chocolate for some reason! I mean, really most chocolate is usually super delicious in my opinion, but a dark flavor is usually the winner when I have the option. Now, granted there are some that just aren’t that tasty, but trust me when I say that I’ve definitely done my homework when it comes to taste testing! πŸ˜‰

Oh and before we get any further into this post of my thoughts on today’s review, I want to make sure to let you know this is NOT a sponsored post and these thoughts and opinions are ALL my own 100% honest opinion! No, Angie’s is NOT paying me $8,000,000,000 dollars to share my review. I just like to do these reviews so that just maybe I can save you a few dollars when it comes to a product that you’re unsure of whether or not you should try! I love reading reviews myself to see what other’s think on something before I go out and give it a try myself! SO, there’s that!

Alright, so popcorn has got to be one of the best snacks out there, but Angie’s has GOT to be one of my most favorite brands. I’ve tried all kinds of their popcorn flavors and honestly, haven’t been disappointed in a single one yet. From the regular popcorn flavor, to the white cheddar (YUM!), to their holiday themed bags–I’m usually a happy buyer when it comes to their popcorn snacks! So, I was pretty positive that I would LOVE this chocolaty kettle corn! I grabbed a bag at Fresh Market without a single doubt in my mind it would turn out any other way than deliciously good!

The reason I am such a huge fan of Angie’s is mainly the ingredients! (Shocker, I know! ;)) Have you ever checked out ingredients in your popcorn before? Yeah…it can get a little sticky and somewhat scary as to what all goes into these “flavored” popcorns! Not to mention the “caramel popcorn” I grew up on….There’s no telling what was in that concoction of a treat! BUT, with Angie’s they have put in some serious work into making their flavors taste AMAZING but with a super simple list of ingredients that appeal to everyone! Food allergies are so insanely common these days, it’s so nice to see that there are more options for everyone as a whole when it comes to good tasting snacks.

Here are the nutrition facts on Angie’s popcorn:

In my opinion, you go into these types of sweet popcorns knowing there’s sugar in them–so for 1 1/4 cup servings of this (which is pretty easy to down), there’s 10g of sugar. So, that may be a tiny bit high but overall not too crazy in my personal opinion! It’s usually treated as a dessert anyways, so that’s pretty expected! BUT what I do really love is that they’re gluten free and Non-GMO! Most popcorn has GMO ingredients which is no good.

So, are you wondering how it tastes? Well……let me just tell you it was AMAZINGLY good! It tasted just like what I hoped it would! It was the perfect amount of salty and sweet! Basically, it didn’t even come close to disappointing, just like the rest of the Angie’s popcorn flavors. The only problem I can foresee having with this snack is just trying to avoid eating the entire bag in one sitting. It’s THAT good! Seriously, you have got to try this stuff! Plus, it makes for the perfect holiday snack to bring out for Christmas get togethers with friends and family!

Are you convinced you need to grab a bag next time you’re at the grocery store? I hope you do! You won’t be disappointed!

Alright and last but not least on this first Saturday in December, I want to leave you with a few words to live for the weekend! A gentle reminder/love note from me to encourage you to live your best life, every single drop of every single day! I hope to not only inspire you here with my thoughts on healthy living in a physical manner, but a mental and emotional way too! Know from my heart, that I genuinely hope that you leave my blog each time you stop by feeling a little bit more inspired than when you opened up my page to begin with and to go out and be your BEST YOU today and everyday! I truly care about YOU and I’m thankful for you stopping by my little corner of the internet each week to read my ramblings about anything and all things random, including these words of encouragement for today!

With that, I’ll leave you these thoughts. If you are ever in a tough situation and can’t decide what the best thing for you to do is to live your healthiest and happiest life, I’d say to be a giver. Give in any way that you can, no matter the size of the gift. Giving makes the world go around and we can always, ALWAYS make a difference in someone’s life around us by giving them support, encouragement, something they need or want, or just by being there with them. It’s not about the material things that fill us up, but the love that we can share with those around us.

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What are your Saturday plans?

Are you a popcorn fan?

What’s your favorite snack?

Have an amazing Saturday!! I hope you enjoy every last second of it! I’m challenging you to get out there and make a difference in the world today in one way or another, k? Happy weekend friend!