Wednesday Randoms + What we’re working on + They’re officially here!! + House work ADD is RE

Happy, Happy Wednesday! Alright, so first week of December is almost officially out of the way–have you already finished your Christmas shopping? I love those people that have it done before December even gets here, but I sure am NOT one of them! If you haven’t finished just yet, make sure to check out my last post with my Christmas Gift Guide for the runner’s and yogi’s in your life! I promise it’s a really good list! I plan of working on our Christmas cards this week, so if I can get that marked off my to-do list I’ll be pretty excited!

Anyways, today it’s time for another dose of Wednesday Randoms and I’ve got plenty of randomness to share! Also, I have a few updates of what we’re working on with the house as it’s getting closer and closer to being ready to list! (YAY!!) Here we go!

We’ve been on a serious coffee kick lately! Anybody else notice an increase in their coffee consumption when it gets cold outside? Something about that warm cup just makes you feel all Christmas-y!

To balance out my coffee (which is usually just 1-2 cups a day! I can’t do more than that or else I’d be a jittery mess!) I’ve been really trying to get in as much water as possible! I know it’s so easy to forget to drink water when the temperatures drop and I just don’t want to forget to stay hydrated as much as I can! I drank 4 of my Healthy Human 21 ounce water bottles the other day and felt pretty awesome by the end of it! My goal is to get to 100 ounces in a day here soon!

We made it back to one of our most favorite breakfast places the other day, The Root! Their coffee, pancakes and homemade biscuits seriously can’t be beat! Pretty much everything they have is amazingly delicious, and we can’t believe we hadn’t been back in so long! If you live in central Arkansas, this place is a MUST!

I got a super exciting package in the mail the other day from the awesome people at Health Warrior! Remember when I tried out their Chia bars a few weeks back for my weekend review? Well, they decided they wanted to send me a few more bars to try out and I gladly accepted! I haven’t tried the pumpkin seed bars just yet, but Nick has and says they’re awesome! I tried the mango chia bars though and they were SOO good!! I’m not even a huge mango person normally, but they really are delicious!

I had to spend a day last week back in school! Real estate school that is. My 7 hour yearly continuing education course was up for renewal so I spent 7 hours learning all about the real estate world lately! There’s just so much to learn it’s almost hard to keep up, but good to do these classes once a year for a refresher.

We’ve also been trying our hardest to re-create our beach lunches! Avocado on turkey sandwiches is the absolute best combination! But, why not add a little more guac with some chips? Give me ALL the avocados please!

We’ve been hitting up Two Rivers park too a lot lately! We hadn’t been in a little bit but it felt so good to be back. It’s my absolute favorite place to run/walk/ride in Little Rock! It runs right alongside the Arkansas River with the most gorgeous path and you can log some serious miles there.

We’ve also been getting in the best night walks around the neighborhood! There’s a cute little pond that’s lit up at night and ends up sending us on about a 4 mile walk total by the end. It’s super refreshing and relaxing to walk at night and check out all the stars and Christmas lights at the same time!

We came up on a random firework show downtown this past weekend! We were driving around town and happened to end up in the downtown area and noticed the fireworks going off for the Capitol lighting ceremony! It was so neat to see the pretty lights up on the Capitol building and we just had to pull off in a parking lot to watch the show. Fireworks shows are the best to make you really pause and enjoy the moment.

We ended up leaving Home Depot the other day with NOTHING that we had on our list going in. Somehow that always seems to happen with us because our house work ADD kicks into high gear right when we step into Lowe’s or Home Depot. We had plans to get the stain for the deck and get that started with the nicer weather for a few days, but didn’t leave with anything of the sort. We somehow picked up the landscaping supplies we needed for the front yard instead.

Then this went down right after! Now all we need is the mulch and a few more clean-up days and the front yard will be complete! It’s looking so good and has made a serious transformation since we moved in. Nick lined the sidewalk for when we put in the black mulch and it turned out so cute! The definition of the walk way really makes a big difference!

Our kitchen appliances are officially HERE!! Seriously, we found ourselves standing with both doors open to the refrigerator in awe of the prettiness of it’s newness! Ha! We’ve been using our old refrigerator in the garage in the meantime which makes me just not even want to touch this new one! It’s just so shiny and new that I’m afraid to get one finger print on it to mess it up! Whoever buys this house is getting a seriously good kitchen, including this amazing refrigerator! The double oven came in too, but it’s still in it’s box in the garage! Nick has to cut a few things out in order to fit in, so that’ll be going up really soon. I can’t wait to see it once it’s put in though!

Last, I have way too much fun putting Snapchat filters on Joey to send to Brooklyn. His face works perfectly with his definition and all of the filters pop up on him! Don’t worry, I tried Cooper’s face too but he’s a bit too hairy and dog-like! πŸ˜‰ The only thing is that Joey is NOT a fan of pictures and growls in the funniest way right when I put the phone up to him. Ha!

And that’s a wrap on today’s randomness!! I’m trying to convince myself to get outside today for a run, but somehow it went from 70 degrees for the past week or so to the low 50’s!! It’s going to get down to freezing tonight which is a complete and total change from just a few days ago! So, here’s hoping I can dig deep for some motivation to bundle up and head out! Then, I have a few new doors to paint in the house for today’s house project while Nick installs some new moldings and builds a few tables for around the front entryway. Busy, busy, busy as we get ready to sell this house.

I hope you guys enjoy your day and do something extra fun to celebrate making it halfway through the work week!

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What is your favorite lunch that you could eat most often and not get tired of?

Do you ever go running or walking at night?

What way do you motivate yourself to workout when it’s cold outside? I need ALL the tips I can get!

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