Friday Five: Happy Life Books Recommendations + Spicing up your hot chocolate + 8 Free Yoga Channels

Hey, hey and Happy FRI-YAY!! This week seriously flew by so quickly, and definitely packed a punch with it’s super cold temperatures here in Arkansas! I heard it’s even snowing in Texas and Louisiana which is totally rare! Did you get snow today? If you did, I hope you enjoy it a little extra for me, because we are just dealing with the extra cold temps (It got down to 24 degrees last night!!) without zero of the pretty white snow on the ground. Oh well, I’d rather it be cold than hot any day! Anyone else on team cold like I am?

Anyways, into another round of Friday 5’s we go today! If you’re new around the blog, I’d love to welcome you to my celebration of Friday’s with a healthy dose of 5 different things that I’m just dying to share with you! I love sharing all of my random internet finds of the week, delicious looking recipes that I can’t keep to myself, or the latest DIY project floating around in internet land! Pretty much anything goes and that’s just the way I like it!

First on the list this week, is this list of 8 free yoga channels on YouTube! You guys KNOW I’m all about Yoga with Adriene (which is the #1 free YouTube yoga channel in my opinion!) but I’m a little saddened she isn’t on this list! But, there are still some really great ones here that you could try out! Maybe going to the yoga studio isn’t quite your thing or you’re just looking to try out yoga, well at-home yoga in your pj’s in the living room is the way to go! For sure check this list to see if you can find a good one that fits you best and get to down-dogging!

Next up, I loved this article from Runner’s World on “Living with a run streaker”. Streakers are seriously their own breed when it comes to athletes and the ones in this article are nothing short of flat out amazing! Their dedication to run even in a snow blizzard is just down right impressive! Have you ever thought of doing a streak? I did a run/walk streak back in June this year and it was really fun! But, there’s no way I could stick to it for years on end. I’m all about some rest days, but I can see the positives in sticking to getting at least a mile in each and every day for a while!

I came across this pretty awesome list of books that can help you live your happiest life the other day and have to share it with you! Maybe you’re looking for a good Christmas break or road-trip-read and you can add one of these to your list! I’ve listened to half of Big Magic and LOVE it so far! I’ll definitely have to check out these others though too! The Happiness Project’s author Gretchen Rubin has an amazing podcast with the same title and it’s REALLY good! I highly recommend checking that out too if you’re into podcasts.

Okay, I LOVED this list of ways to spice up your hot chocolate! Especially with the cold weather going on everywhere right now, I’m sure there’s PLENTY of hot chocolate being served up on a regular basis. Well, you can mix things up a bit with a few new ingredients to get a new flavor going on! I’m thinking I need to try that lavender white one ASAP!

While we’re on the sweets food train, (I mean…when are we not though…;)) I thought this list of homemade food gifts was just too cute! You really can’t ever go wrong with giving food as a gift, especially when it comes as cute as these guys! I’m all about the handmade, heart-felt gifts so I’ll definitely be trying a few of these out this Christmas! This list has a TON of ideas!

I hope you guys have the most wonderful Friday and weekend!! Maybe you’re lucky, you’ll be one of those getting a few good snow days in! If so, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! And drink some hot chocolate too to defrost! πŸ™‚ I’ll be back tomorrow with a review so make sure to come back by for a visit!

Questions for YOU today! (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What’s your favorite snow day activity?

Are you a hot chocolate fan?

What are your weekend workout plans? Any fun Christmas races in your area this weekend?

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