Wednesday Randoms + What we’re working on + ‘Tis the season + MUCH BETTER!

Happy, happy Wednesday!! I hope you’re having an amazing week so far! We’ve been super lucky to have extra sunny days all week long and I’m loving it! Minus, those freezing cold temperatures, but it helps that it’s oh-so gorgeous out! When it’s extra gloomy out, I’d rather stay in bed all day and Netflix my heart out! Those days are always nice too, but I always feel better when I’m productive throughout the week!

It’s that time of the week again where I get to share all things random with you today! We’ve been extra busy lately, so I’ve got some pretty exciting house updates for you along with a few other randoms to talk about too!

I got out for a run yesterday and nearly blew away with the crazy intense wind! For some reason it felt 10x colder yesterday than it has all week long, even though the temperatures were supposedly warmer. I looked like I had been crying by the time I got back with my red face and tears flowing! But, no sadness, just windburn and watery eyes! I got out for a 5k run in the sun and my legs felt really good! Love those kind of runs!

Thank goodness for gloves during these cold runs! They’re serious live savers! I decided that the treadmill is calling my name after yesterday’s freezing cold miles! Now just to find the motivation to head to the gym…It’s just so much easier to head out the front door for a run versus having to pack up and drive to the gym! Oh well, I’d rather not freeze though!

I’m loving all the cute Christmas cards we’re getting too this year! I am such a sucker for snail mail, but especially around Christmas time! They make checking the mail so much more exciting! I haven’t sent my out just yet, Oops!! I guess I should get to working on that this week.

My mom has her whole apartment decorated in cute peacock colors so we found her the most perfect peacock Christmas tree the other day and helped put it together for her! It just needs a cute little tree topper to finish it off, but it has the prettiest colors on it! You can’t tell from this picture but the tree itself is a pretty teal color! I sure wish we could just keep all the Christmas decorations up year round! They’re all so pretty and fun!

We got to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday the other night with my family! My cute niece has officially been promoted to family cake baker! She loves making the inside your favorite color, so it’s always a colorful surprise when you cut it open! This one was blue inside! Isn’t she just the most adorable thing?

Chipotle made its way back into our lives this week! I don’t know how we always forget about that place, because it’s just so good every time! I love their bowls and Nick loves their burritos!

We had a Christmas light date this past weekend and it was so much fun! We went and grabbed hot chocolate and headed to the drive-thru lights in Sherwood! We go every year and it’s such a fun tradition! Of course, we had to blast the Christmas music while we drove through!

I’m always amazed at just how many lights they have to have plugged in for these things! Nick, of course, wonders what their electric bill jumps up to this time of year! HA! πŸ™‚

Walks down by the river have my heart! Well, those and our night walks that we’ve been doing around the neighborhood are a close 2nd!

We’ve had such a productive past few weeks on the house lately, which is really good considering we’re trying to sell next month! Fingers crossed we can get it all done in time! But, we’re doing our best either way.

Look what FINALLY came in! YAY!! I’m in love with this double oven! It was 285 pounds and we somehow were able to get it inside with just the two of us. Well….mainly one of us while I was the moral support along the way! πŸ˜‰ This was a huge and much needed update. SO MUCH BETTER than the previous 1980’s oven that was there before.

Nick got more of the doors changed downstairs to these new ones on the left side! They just add so much character and I love it!

We’re prepping the upstairs bathrooms for their new flooring too this week! It’s pretty gross when you rip up the carpet, but especially when it was in a bathroom….

Nick also added some custom moulding to the all the windows throughout the house. They’re really looking so good! They just need paint and new wood blinds and they’ll be good to go!

The laundry room is even getting an update with moulding, new paint on the cabinets and new wall color!

Can you tell we’ve had a lot to do? It’s been crazy trying to tackle all of these projects, but it’s coming together so quickly! It’s kind of a blur once you get to this point because the projects start to feel like they multiply. But, it’s really fun to see the transformations from the beginning to where we are now!

I’m off to tackle another run today with some hill work, so wish me luck! Nick’s busy finishing up some projects outside too before we get to staining the deck out back! We think we finally found a color so we can get to work on that really soon!

I hope you guys have an awesome rest of your day!

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Do you run on the treadmill or outside most of the time?

What’s your Wednesday workout plan?

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