Wednesday Randoms + What we’re working on + 4 Miles + The perfect side dish!

Happy, happy hump day! How is it already Wednesday of this week? Anyone else think this week is just flying by? I need 2017 to hold on just a little bit longer because I still have a lot to accomplish by December 31st! I wonder who I can talk to about pushing the pause button on that….;)

I hope you guys are having an amazing week so far! We have been tackling some seriously big projects in the past week or so on the flip house and that means I’ve got some updates to share with you! Plus, plenty of other randomness is on deck, so let’s just jump right into today’s heavy dose of Wednesday Randoms!

First things first, 4 miles has been my go-to distance lately! It’s either 3 or 4 miles every single run that seems to satisfy my runner heart. I can’t wait to start half marathon training in January so I can start logging some pretty good long runs too! I feel like I’ve got a pretty decent base, so bring on the double digit miles! Remember last week when I said the treadmill was calling my name because of the cold? Well, I lied because in true Arkansas fashion, our weather took a turn for the warmer temps so I still have a few outdoor runs ahead of me! From the forecast though, we actually have snow coming soon which is really exciting for us in the South! I may have to truly make my way to the treadmill then, so we’ll see what happens!

Our walks have been still been going strong too, especially with a few more visits to our favorite Two Rivers Park! (Yep, we both have paint on our shoes! I wasn’t lying when I said that we have paint on literally EVERYTHING we own! Would you believe me if I told you I found paint on a cinnamon seasoning container we have in the kitchen the other day? Because, we do….seriously! I guess, it’s just the name of the game when you live in a construction zone though!

I tried out the Chocolate Chip Bobo Bar the other day and I can now 100% confirm, that I have a heavy addiction to these guys! These things are so insanely good AND filling! Stay tuned for some new recipes coming with them in the near future too! They’re going to be super simple and delicious, which is always my favorite kind of recipe! In the meantime, promise me you’ll try this one out, k?

This is my favorite roasted veggie combination, hands down! Roasted sweet potatoes, russet potatoes and broccoli sprinkled with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and a drizzle of olive oil! Toss them in the oven for around 20-ish minutes at 400 and you’ve got yourself a perfect side dish or snack!

In house news and updates, I’ve got so much to tell you! We FINALLY ripped up the pink carpet upstairs to prep it for the new carpet coming this week! We even had some help with the work this time…Our furry supervisors are always there to keep a good eye on things.

It only took us about 2 hours to get the entire upstairs and stairway completely cleared of the carpet. See ya’ never pink carpet!

We also went ahead and picked out our new carpet that we’re going to have installed this Friday! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! At this rate really, anything is better than pink! But, we think we picked out a really good one!

Then, it was off for another trailer load of reno work to the dumpster! Our garage also doubles as our work space/storage for all of the renovation projects but it fills up super quickly with each house! We’re slowly but surely getting it completely cleared out!

You know you go to Home Depot too much when you go so early that you have to bring your own coffee with you! Another 6:30AM visit to our second home!

We’ve really been making some great progress on the exterior this week too which is super exciting! Nick’s mom would NOT be very happy if she saw this going on, and it made me a nervous wreck too! He’s way more brave than I could ever be hopping around on the roof to trim the limbs. It sure does make a big difference though when the tree limbs are off the roof allowing the house to be more open and seen!

We made a trip out to the nursery for our black mulch project too this week! It was about a 20 minute drive because no nurseries around us sell black mulch, but it was definitely worth the drive! Buying mulch in bulk is a lot cheaper/better quality and easier to handle when you do it this way!

Same day after a few hours of serious hard work, and it was complete! Nick is SO good at landscape design and this project did NOT disappoint! It turned out so good and we’re really loving the color of it combined with the entire exterior! It really ties everything together so well!

If you need me from here on out the rest of the Winter-ish season, I’ll be right here in this spot! We got our fireplace up and running this past week and I’ve decided I can’t move away from it! Another one of the reasons that Fall & Winter are my favorite! It makes for the best mornings and nights when we have it going, especially with our favorite Christmas Vacation movie on at the same time! Seriously, best thing ever!

Off to take on this Wednesday filled with house projects galore, Christmas prep and hopefully a 5 miler + some yoga! That sure sounds like a lot, especially considering I’m permanently stuck in the fireplace couch position! I guess I need to figure out a solution to that problem pretty quick…;)

Have an amazing rest your day!! I hope it’s filled with plenty of productivity and fun!

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Any Wednesday workout plans for you?

Do you get a lot of snow where you live?

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