House Talk: Our FAVORITE go-to interior paint colors!

Hey, hey, hey, It’s Thursday!! I hope your day has gone really great so far! We have been extra busy today with our new carpet installation and getting things all ready to go for it! I can’t wait to show you how it turns out! It feels like we’re moving all over again though with all of our furniture being moved around for the time being while we wait for the install to finish up. But, it’s all worth it to get rid of that pink carpet and have fresh new carpet laid in the master and upstairs!

It’s time for another house talk post today!

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is what color paint we’ve used for our interior wall colors, so I figured I’d share our favorite go-to choices! When I tell you that we’ve tried almost every color of gray there ever was, please, please, please believe me, because it’s 100% true! We basically own every sample made! Seriously, go look in our garage right now and you’ll find our very own paint sample store! The worker at our local Sherwin Williams even made the statement that we’re in there more than she is. Does that tell you how often we go in there?

There are a few of our favorite go-to interior gray colors that we’ve fallen in love with up to this point, so I’d love to share them with you for a little bit of color inspiration! Grays can be so very tricky and to be honest, they all look different in different lighting. 50 Shades of Gray is a real thing, and I’m not talking about the movie here. There are 130842374 different shades and picking a good one can be down right difficult! They can have pink undertones, or blue undertones and I honestly think they can change right in front of your eyes! Picking out paint colors in general is so hard, but picking a good gray seems to be the most difficult. But, these gray colors we’ve found are pretty tride and true and come out looking very smooth and neutral, and also really easy on the eye at the same time! I’m sharing our favorite trim color today too, so that’ll be further down into the post!

We’ve tried colors at Home Depot as well, but Sherwin Williams just seems to have a hint of a different tone to their colors that we really like.

Alright, so our favorite grays come from Sherwin Williams on their color strip “244” card. These tones are what we have used most frequently!

You can see in the picture below from our renovation project on House #3, where we used “Mindful Gray” on the walls. There isn’t an overhead light and it’s lit with lamps throughout the room and natural lighting from one large window in the front here.

In the great room at that house, we also used Mindful on the walls as well. This room had a ton of natural light in it, which really made the gray tone really light and elegant looking.

On House #2 ,we also used “Mindful Gray” in the great room and it turned out really nice and bright with it’s major natural lighting going on. We loved how it made the bookshelf white and the trim of the walls really pop along with the bright white window treatments. Mindful gray is so pretty against dark hardwoods too.

In the front sitting groom of House #2, we used “Gauntlet Gray” as an accent wall and the other walls in this room are “Repose Gray”. They’re all in the same family of grays from the card above, and we just love the contrast between the two colors here.

We also used “Gauntlet Gray” here in the Master bedroom for an accent wall that turned out really nice!

We used “Repose Gray” in House #1 for the great room for a lighter tone, which turned out so pretty with those white beams up top. This room actually didn’t have a ton of natural light and no overhead light, but Repose is a really light tone that made this room extra bright and airy. (It was the complete opposite of what it was originally with brown paneling…)

In the kitchen of House #1, we used “Dorian Gray” for a shade darker to make the room really pop with the white cabinets and trim. We used track lighting to highlight the cabinet color too and give the room a more elegant feel to it.

In our current flip, we tried out “Acier” gray for the bar cabinets and we really loved how it turned out! It’s still a bit under construction, but you can get a good idea of the shade of gray that it is against the white walls. It’s more of a rich color with deeper tones of gray in it.

So, we’ve dabbled a lot with different tones of the gray and these all have worked out really well for us up to this point! We are always looking for different neutral tones to mix in because we love to see how different they look in each house with different natural lights and different light fixtures throughout. I have a post coming up soon on lighting, so make sure to stay tuned for that. Lighting makes ALL the difference and can seriously change wall colors just by the amount of wattage going on in each bulb.

When it comes to trim colors, we’ve gone with either Sherwin Williams “Alabaster” or Sherwin Williams “Pure White.” They’re both really pretty bright white colors and honestly, they don’t look anything like either of these cards on the computer screen when they’re actually painted on trim. You really have to try it out next to the gray tones and you’ll be able to see the white really brighten up.

I hope this helps you if you’ve been in the market for a good gray color! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve stared at our walls with paint samples and just can’t make a decision until they’re all the way painted. That means, re-painting entire rooms happens pretty frequently for us, which is just never fun. But, it’s definitely something that has to happen until the color is “just” right!

I’ll keep you posted when we find any other good colors that I can share with you! Thank goodness, we’re almost done with our current flip and it’s never-ending paint job! You won’t believe the changes we’ve made when I share our “after” picture of this one’s transformation! We just thought House #3 required a lot of paint, but we were completely wrong! This one takes the cake!

If you ever have any questions on paint colors or ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out! Again, we should probably be hired by Sherwin Williams at this rate and be paid hourly at the amount of time we spend there. So, we know our colors! πŸ˜‰

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your night! Let’s talk again tomorrow with some Friday 5’s, k?

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What color is your living room/kitchen area right now?

Any favorite colors we need to know about in the gray family?

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