2017 Recap: Where we went & how it all turned out!

Happy, Happy New Year’s Eve to you!! I absolutely can’t believe we’re already to the very last day of 2017! This year has just flown by so quickly, I can’t believe we just passed through 12 whole months! I’ve had an incredible year filled with tons of highs, many lows and challenges, but nonetheless still a wonderful year in so many different ways! I’ve learned so much about myself, life, what I want and what I don’t want and a little bit of everything else in between! It’s crazy to see where a whole year can take you, and it just makes me even more excited to bring in a brand new year tonight at midnight! I hope that you’re just as excited as I am to start fresh, strong and determined to make 2018 the best year yet! Maybe 2017 wasn’t your thing, but I have a good feeling that these next 12 months are going to be pretty amazing all around! May we all learn more as the months pass us by, and grow to be even better versions of ourselves each and every single day! That’s all we can ask for, right?

We completed & sold House #3, bought House #4, moved 3 times, crossed 3 vacations off our list, traveled to two new states, had MANY firsts, touched our feet in the sand not once but twice, laced up our shoes for more miles than I counted, crossed a finish line, said goodbye to our favorite Charlie dog, changed jobs, jumped into blogging full-time, turned another year older all while renovating our hearts out the entire year long and SO MUCH MORE!

Here’s a look back at our 2017!

(PSSST…I hope you’re ready for picture overload! ;))

We kicked off January with a 20 mile bike ride! (It was oddly warm for “Winter” last year, can you tell?)

Nick turned another year older in February!

While, Brooklyn turned another year older in March! and….

…We said goodbye to House #3 and closed on it in March! (First move of the year to our temporary home in between flips!)

We crossed another 10k off the goal list in April!

Then, we celebrated Mother’s Day & my sister’s birthday….

…AND closed on House #4 in May! (Moves #2 & #3 of the year!)

Then we ALL got right to work…

…all while completing my first ever run/walk streak in June! I completed at least a mile of walking/running each day the entire month!

Next, we celebrated my mom’s birthday…

& said goodbye to Nick’s 17 year-old family dog, Charlie…(His amazing 14 year-old niece drew this up for us to give to his Mom to remember him by. Isn’t she talented? It looks just like him and sits right by “his” spot by the fireplace now.)

…and then we headed off to our first beach vacation of the year in July toDestin, Florida! (I can hear the waves just looking at these pictures! Ahhhh….)

I tackled many heated miles and dog park dates in the month of August!

We climbed a mountain and ate some cake to celebrate another year older for me in September!

Then, we headed out for quite the adventure to visit Nick’s brother & brother-in-law in October! They live in Madison, WI and we took a day trip down to Chicago too! It was our first time in both places and we had so much fun! We also came home from that trip with the worst cold we’ve both ever had which wasn’t near as much fun as the trip! We got to be in Chicago the weekend of the Chicago marathon which was also a major highlight for me! We can’t wait to go back for another visit!

In November, we got to take our 2nd beach trip of the year with all of Nick’s family to Orange Beach, Alabama! It was a vacation to remember with amazing memories and was just the break we needed to get away!

And, in December we’ve been cramming in as much house work as we can for our last month before we list it for sale in January! But, we didn’t forget to celebrate the reason for the season of course!

Complete with 6AM trips to our 2nd home, Home Depot!

…for landscaping projects galore…

…as we tie up the last few major projects in the works!

As we say goodbye to 2017, I can only look back on the past 12 months filled with so much gratitude for all of the opportunities we were given, the love that we felt, and the fun we had surrounded by our favorite people doing what we love to do! We’ve been able to tackle some serious goals, set out for new ones and head into unknown waters as we gear up for another sale in the next few weeks! I honestly couldn’t even dream up loving what we do more with our real estate adventures and the work with my blog I get to do each and every day! I count my blessings as frequently as I can to get to do what I love all the time, and that includes having the most amazing readers turned friends and support systems I have in you!

Thank you as always, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to stop by today and each time that you do! I never take your time for granted and hope that you feel appreciated beyond words! I’m sending so many hugs and love your way!!

Let’s bring in 2018 with a bang and set our sights on heights higher than ever before! I hope your New Year’s Eve is special in every way and brings you joy and hope into the New Year!


Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What was your favorite part of 2017?

What is one goal you have in the New Year?

Are you running, yogi-ing or getting your sweat on today?