Review: Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Concord Grape-Acai + Weekend Words to Live By

Hey guys! Happy first weekend in January!! Who tackled some serious goals on their list this week? We’ve definitely been busy with this house, but I’ve also been tackling some of my own personal goals in the meantime too! I actually squeezed in time this week for some yoga and even a few trips to the gym! It’s so tough to balance out our days trying to wrap up this house but I’m SO thankful for the time I get to spend blogging and a few sweat sessions in between. I do know one thing, I’m pretty over this cold snap we’ve been in for what seems like months, but really it’s only been the past week or so. I can’t seem to get warm!! I really can’t and shouldn’t complain though because Arkansas weather is nothing compared to the weather going on up North & on the East coast. You runners who even attempt a run in those areas have my major respect, I just don’t know how it’s even physically possible! I’m 100% sure my southern blood freezes in temperatures anything under around 40 degrees! HA!

Alright, alright enough complaining about the Winter season, that’s bound to happen no matter how much I fight it!

It’s the weekend which means, it’s time for another review!! Today is all about the Apple Cider Vinegar Concord Grape-Acai All Natural Drink! I have been eyeing this guy now for weeks and couldn’t wait to give it a try! I have been a huge ACV fan for the past few months and have seen it work it’s little magic in my own health over and over again since I started it!

Oh, and before I forget to mention it, these reviews are 100% my own honest opinions and are NOT sponsored! I just love to share my thoughts each weekend with you on some new-to-me product or snack in case you’d like to try it out for yourself! Braggs isn’t paying me $383575 to say I’m a huge fan, even though I’d gladly accept it if they would! πŸ˜‰ I just love sharing a review so that you can have a real honest opinion before you spend your hard earned money on it first!

Now to the good stuff, have you heard of the awesome benefits ACV has in it? Seriously, I’m pretty sure it can cure just about anything.

Here are just a few of the benefits that I’m obsessed with:

It’s a natural probiotic and promotes good gut bacteria. (Score!)

Fights Acid Reflux (Score!)

Regulates the digestive tract (Score!)

It helps to detox the body (Score!)

Balances out blood sugar (Serious Score!)

Lowers blood pressure (Score!)

Helps to fight allergies by boosting the immune system (Score!)

Helps to fight cancer as it’s rich in antioxidants (Score!)

And it even fights off colds which is where I’ve seen a HUGE benefit in my own health! (Score, Score and Score again!)

Are you convinced you need to jump on the ACV train just yet? If you’re not down for drinking plain old ACV (which is tough, no doubt!), I’ve got something that will do just the trick for your taste buds! I tried out the Concord Grape-Acai flavor and seriously fell in love at first sip! (There’s also an apple cinnamon flavor which is next on my list, but this one is the only one I’ve tried so far!)

The kicker in this drink versus the normal ACV is the grape flavor that is very distinct but delicious! It definitely helps hide the normal ACV flavor that’s so hard to down for most people. It honestly tastes just like a regular grape juice in my opinion, but with WAY better health benefits and much less sugar!

I’m going to go ahead and say it here that this will be a regular staple in our kitchen from here on out! I just can’t pass up something that is so beneficial for my health and it’s a drink that I can actually get down without cringing! Can I get an Amen on that? (and they all said Amen!) I’m VERY picky and my taste buds don’t do liquid very well on certain things…hello gag reflex!

Did I mention it’s also Gluten-Free? As if it needed to get even better, it just did!

Go grab yourself one of these at the store next time! Mine was $2.99 at our local Kroger, but I’ve seen them at Natural Grocers as well!

Now for a few weekend words to live by! I hope these words send you away from my blog hopefully feeling a tiny bit more inspired than when you came on over today. AND, I hope you guys kick off this weekend in the best way possible! In my opinion, that’s snuggled up next to the fireplace with a good read for hours on end! I hope you also get some time this weekend to dive deep into your talents doing something you love while enjoying the journey that you’re on, whatever that might be! I couldn’t love this quote below any more that I already do, because I believe wholeheartedly that it couldn’t be more accurate! All of our hills and valleys and in betweens, our personalities, morals and values, all lead us to our various destinies. Hold on if you’re in a hard spot because the good days are coming, embrace it al, friend! I’m doing just that, as we speak! ❀

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!!

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What’s something extra fun you have planned for your weekend?

Are you doing a long run this weekend?

What’s cooking for dinner today or tomorrow?