Wednesday Randoms: Nutella stain + Sweat sessions + Slowing down

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve updated you on all of the randomness going on over here! Okay, maybe it’s just been a few weeks since my last “Randoms” post, but it sure feels like much longer! How’s your week going so far? I hope it’s going fantastic for you!

We’re in pure survival mode trying to knock out as many projects as we can each day with our latest renovation project, aka the house project that never ends! Have a I repeated that about 100 times now? HA, it sure feels like it! Some days, I can’t even believe we’re already to this point in the house, but then at the same time it feels like we still have Mount Everest to climb to finish ALL of these projects up! We’ll get there, I know it–slowly but surely!

I’ve really been struggling a lot lately with trying to muster up enough energy to tackle ALL the things we have going on too which has been making things feel 10x harder than normal. I’m starting to wonder if I have some sort of a type of adrenal fatigue going because it doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get, I’m still tired throughout the day! I have no excuse really, no kids running around, no crazy early alarm clock and nothing else to really hold out for to blame the fatigue either! So, I’m on a mission to break through this “fatigue” and get back to feeling my best ASAP! I honestly think we’ve just had a doozy of a past 6 months dealing with all sorts of things thrown our way with life and our work that my body is in desperate need for a bit of a relaxation period. Here’s hoping that will be here sooner rather than later! Let’s just say self-care is much needed as much as possible over the next few weeks as we wrap up this house of ours and move into our transition period. I’ve never been one to handle stress very well anyways, so I know it’s a huge combination of everything going on at once for us which has me extra run down. Don’t get me wrong, our job is amazing and we love it all, but the stress can sometimes get to a pretty high point at times.

Anyone else struggle with adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue and have some remedies they’d like to pass my way? I’m all for any and all advice to help rid myself of this quick fast and in a hurry! (Although, I know that can take a few months of really slowing things down to make a real difference…)

The main reasons I can really tell that my body is telling me stress is at a high level is because I’ve been hit with 2 colds in the past few months that have really taken it out of me! I used to say I’d never even come close to catching colds or feeling sick of any sort, but it’s hit me so hard more recently! BUT, I did find a few remedies that seem to help me build back up my immunity. Last week I felt like I was catching another cold and instantly went to my emergency-anti-sick remedies and they seemed to have done the trick pretty well! I loaded up on my Apple Cider Vinegar with honey, cinnamon and lemon juice. Then, I had a few bowls of chicken noodle soup, TONS of oranges and kiwis along with supplements of Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc! I really did notice a huge difference the very next day after taking a few days to rest while knocking out these essentials! So, these guys will stay handy as I know that the flu is going around like crazy pretty much everywhere, and there’s no time for flu sickness in our house right now! I hope you’re staying well where you are, because being sick is just never fun!

In other random news, I hit up the gym a few times in the past week and it felt SO good every time! There’s something about breaking a sweat while it’s freezing outside that always makes me feel 10x better after my workouts! Plus, the treadmill is my favorite right now as running in the cold just isn’t my jam. Endorphins are just the best thing ever and can turn any day into a better one in just a matter of minutes! If I could bottle them up, I sure would!

These two have been taking their rest very serious, in the meantime. I need to take some notes from them and live that anti-stress/worry life more often!

We started tackling our wrap-around back deck this past week too! It’s the biggest deck we’ve worked on and staining it is no joke! We bought a 5 gallon bucket of stain and ran out after just the railing part! Fingers crossed we can get a good dose of warmer weather with sunshine so we can knock out the rest! It’s going to look so good when we finish up! It will be another really great transformation from what it looked like in the beginning! Pressure washing + stain can do wonders for decks and we’re loving the cleaned up look already!

Did I mention we decided to do it when it was around 35 degrees outside? Yeah…our timing wasn’t the best but at least the sun was out! The color reminded me SO much of Nutella too! HA! You know you’re a chocolate addict when stain reminds you of one of your favorite chocolate-y treats! πŸ˜‰

We got in a few really good walks the past few days too! We’ve been logging miles both at our favorite spots, Two Rivers and around our neighborhood for an almost-four mile loop we like to do!

Nick has been wearing his “plumber hat” a ton in the past week too as he’s been updating the upstairs bathrooms! They’re almost done too which has us super excited! The stainless steel updates are SO much better than the old brass that was there before! We have a little bit more painting left to do and then they’ll be wrapped up!

The last piece of the puzzle in those bathrooms is new mirrors for each of them. You wouldn’t think it’d be so tricky finding the perfect mirrors but we’ve already made 2 returns and are hoping we finally got a good one with today’s purchase! We’re replacing the solid mirrors that were there before that were aging and chipping on the edges.

That’s all she wrote for today’s randomness! I’ve got quite the exciting afternoon planned for some painting, yoga, another walk and some serious self-care!! I hope you guys have an amazing rest of your day!

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What is your favorite way to de-stress?

Any favorite stores you like to shop at for your home decor?

What is your Wednesday workout plan?