Changing up the pavement + Vitamin C overload + Progress on the master bath!

Hi guys! Happy Monday!! I sure hope that you’re having a really good start to your week so far! Is it freezing where you are, like it is here? Goodness, I don’t think it’s been THIS cold for so long in forever!

I’m still so in awe of you runners who get out there in below freezing temperatures. Today, I got in a 4 mile run (4 has been my go-to lately!) before it makes a drastic change in temperatures tonight! We”re expecting snow for the first time (FINALLY!!) and I can’t wait! I love a good snow day!

I loved my run today mostly because I changed up my pavement for about half of the run to a softer surface at the soccer fields. I’m almost always running on the roads, so it sure feels nice to change up my pavement to the soft grass from time to time! In the Summer, it’s so nice to be able to do some barefoot sprints too! How often do you change up your pavement? Do you run mostly on the treadmill, roads, or softer surfaces like a track or grass?

I also ran with my ProCompression socks on too which always feels SO good! I tend to forget about them but every single time I put them on for a run, my legs feel 10x better than normal! I need to remember them more often. >PS, we try our best to de-dog hair ourselves all the time but really can’t ever seem to get rid of it. Anyone else live in dog hair city like we do?

We had the prettiest sunset ever last night and I had to grab a picture of it. I’m such a sucker for a good sunset!

We can’t stop with the oranges lately. We grabbed 5 for less than $3.50 at Kroger the other day and they were the BEST oranges! Perfectly orange, juicy and sweet. I need them to stay this good year round. Don’t worry if you happen to see a shade of orange in my skin tone soon due to our over consumption of oranges. At least, I’m getting in my Vitamin C, right? πŸ˜‰

The other produce that I can’t ever seem to escape the grocery store without is definitely these two. The possibilities are endless with these two kitchen staples.

Also, Chipotle steak bowls have my heart. ❀ I’m not the biggest fan of their new “queso” but it’s not the worst I’ve ever had before either. What do you think? Have you had it yet?

Nick started on the wallpaper removal in the master bath over the weekend and we’re both just jumping with joy! These florals have seen their last days in our book and we can’t wait to see them completely GONE!

PS>Wallpaper removal tip=Mix fabric softener with water in a spray bottle to remove the wallpaper easily! Score the walls with a razor blade first, then add the mixture on the walls and it will peel off so much easier!

Alright, that’s enough for this Monday! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day! Fingers crossed you stay warm wherever you are!

We’ll be permanently stuck right here by our favorite fireplace spot for the next few days! Bring on the Netflix Binging and yummy snow day eats! πŸ™‚

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What is the weather like where you are this week? Any snow coming your way?

What’s your favorite snow day snack food? We’re taking any and all recommendations!

What’s one thing you never leave the grocery store without grabbing?