Wednesday Randoms + My dictionary definition + What we’re working on + Two VERY important questi

Well, what do you know, Arkansas FINALLY jumped on the snow day band wagon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi guys!! Happy Wednesday!! It’s mid-week and ALSO mid-January–can you believe it? Me neither! This week AND this month are just flying by me so quickly!

We finally got our snow day yesterday and it was all kinds of glorious. We walked, we sat by the fire, we got some work done, and we ate! Pretty perfect snow day in my opinion! Did you get a snow day too or is it headed your way soon?


I’ve got plenty of randomness to share with you from our neck of the woods today! Let’s get this Wednesday Randoms post started, shall we?

These two were not as big of fans of the snow this time around which makes sense considering it felt like 9 degrees, even at 3:00PM. I love my little senior dogs and their need to stay right by the fire all day long. My true spirit animals! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Most of the snow melted pretty quickly with the sun out all day long, but it sure was pretty while it lasted.


With the mail being delayed a few days with the long weekend, I was super excited to see a super fun mail delivery that came yesterday! Have you heard of the fitness brand “Jot & Tittle Designs” before? If you haven’t– you HAVE to check them out! I’m beyond excited to join their ambassador team, with the sweet owner Janel, to share my love for them with you guys! Oh, and not to mention, I’m super excited to live in this adorable (and incredibly soft!!) tank for my workouts! I see so many more orders coming really soon too because I wanted to order 1 of everything!

From their website’s mission statement:

“At its core, the mission of Jot & Tittle Designs is to empower and encourage every woman, because we’re all destined to play a leading role in the world around us.”

By joining up with Jot & Tittle Designs, my readers get to join in on the fun too! Use my code “ChelseaStockdale” for 10% off your orders! I can’t wait to see what design you pick, so make sure to tag me when you order!


In other random news, oatmeal has made a comeback in my life! Apple & Cinnamon is always my favorite kind, followed by a close second of the Maple Nut. I like to chop up apples and sprinkle cinnamon to the top of my oatmeal too! It makes the texture and flavor 10x better!


Did you guys hear about this over the weekend? Seriously, 13.1 miles in 67 minutes?! I can’t even imagine! I am so obsessed with these female runners who inspire so many people by their sheer determination and drive to be their best selves on and off the track! Molly Huddle is such an inspiration!


I came across these Oreos the other day at Target and was instantly intrigued. This leads me to two very important questions for you: Have you tried these? And…are they any good? I’m kind of thinking I need to go back and get them because…how could you go wrong with PB and chocolate? I’m 95% sure I’d be a big fan, but I wanted to ask you first to hear your thoughts! So…what do you think?


Housework Update: We finally found our mirrors for our upstairs bathrooms! They’re basically complete now which was a huge milestone for us in this house. I absolutely love the double mirrors instead of the single large one that was there before. Plus, I’m in love with these frames too! We got them at “At Home” which is usually where we find all of our favorite mirrors.

Nick also installed a new countertop in one of the other bathrooms this week! It turned out so nice and really updated the space, which is exactly what it needed! You’d never guess how much work goes into just replacing a countertop, but it’s A LOT of work! Good thing he knows how to do these things, because I really wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to these types of projects.

Yep, we’re stilllllllll painting. I really can’t wait for the day when all of this painting is finished up. I’m even starting to dream about painting, which definitely means we’ve been consumed by it for entirely too long. You’re not going to believe the after’s on this one when you see just how much of this house had to be painted from the very beginning.


I feel like this would be a perfect definition of “me” in the dictionary! I have an overwhelming feeling that I NEED to try the new-to-me Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Soy Free Halo Top ice cream ASAP. I’m obsessed with their Peanut Butter Cup flavor so I’m curious what their GF/DF/SF flavor tastes like in comparison. Then once I accomplish that life task, I’ll be able to return to chasing my dreams. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I have a date with Yoga with Adriene today + a short run later today (when it warms up outside to a balmy 31 degrees…(YIKES!))! Anyone else jumping on the Wednesday Self-Love train today?

I hope your Wednesday is fabulous in every way! See you tomorrow!


Questions for YOU today:

1) If you could pick a one word definition of yourself, what would it be?

2) What’s one self-care treat you’re doing for yourself today?

3) If you had to choose one dessert to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose? (I know, life altering question….take your time on making this decision. ;))

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