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Hey guys! Happy, happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going fabulous up to this point so far! Maybe, you’ve been on top of your game already, and if so I totally applaud your success! If you’re riding the struggle bus today, know that there’s always a better tomorrow ahead of you! ๐Ÿ™‚ In my neck of the woods, things are going pretty great this week, and for that I’m extra thankful! We’re busier than ever, but it actually feels really good!

*Disclaimer* This post was actually planned to go live yesterday, until my MacBook decided it wanted to quit work for the entire afternoon and night so…we’re a few hours past Tuesday, but let’s pretend that hiccup never happened, k? Ahhh…technology….

Today’s post is all about the shoes, running shoes that is. I’m linking up for Tuesday’s on the Run with Marcia, Patty and Erika to talk all things running today! Who’s excited?

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Is anyone else out there a running shoe collector just like me? I can’t seem to have enough, which I can’t really see as a real problem in all honestly…I’m thinking I may not be alone in this, so maybe we should start a club or something! YES? “Running shoe hoarders anonymous“? We can always work on that name later as we need to, no worries! As long as we have each other and admit we have a problem, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I LOVE my running shoes. Love them as in –can’t seem to get rid of the ones that I have including their beloved race day tags that remain attached to the laces. I’ve still got my full marathon chip on my first 26.2 shoes, as well as my very first ever half marathon’s racing tag ties. Sentimental much? Maybe…BUT there’s just so many memories and miles that go along with each pair that it’s hard to let go!

I have completed countless miles and races in so many different brands and styles, but have officially nailed down a favorite.

I am a Brooks running shoe girl to my core. This is not news to any of you as you’ve probably seen the countless shoe selfies that are posted on a pretty regular basis from yours truly. I’ve run in Asics, Nikes, and Brooks with a variety of fits and styles, but Brooks lands the top spot in my opinion! I used to actually work for a few shoe stores and when I tell you it’s important to have good fitting and supportive shoes, I mean it! This couldn’t be more true when it comes to running shoes! It can make all the difference when you find the right one that feels like it was honestly made for your foot as you pound the pavement, mile after mile.

The shoes I’ve been running in the past several months and miles are the Brooks PureFlows 6’s. (They’re actually on sale here now for a great deal!!) When it comes to comfort, enough support for me, and style, I’m all about the PureFlows style. I’ve done long runs in them before as well as done some cross-training with them and they get the job done! I’ve never struggled with knee/foot pain with them and that’s even with a few of their previous PureFlow styles as well that I’ve run in. I can’t say that I’m not opposed to having more support though, but overall I’ve been so in love with these that I’ll probably be in them for a while.

While I am a loyal Brooks girl, I’m also a loyal shoe rotator. That means that I love rotating my different shoes in and out for different activities! I try to switch them out every so often to keep less miles being logged on each pair. Once one gets to where it’s just seen way too many miles, I’ll add it to my collection and use them for house work or hiking shoes that can stand a little extra dirt.

I’m sure one day, I’ll expand my reach and try out a few others, but for now the PureFlow’s are my top favorites! Here’s hoping there’ll be plenty more miles in these and the future ones to come! ๐Ÿ™‚

Questions for YOU today:

What are your favorite running shoes? Are you brand specific?

What are your favorite running socks? Are you specific on socks or no?

How often do you buy new running shoes?

What type of computer do you use? I’ll be getting a new one soon and need any and all opinions on your favorite computers!

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