My current go-to distance + Waffle talk + Book of the month update!

Happy Monday friends! I hope your weekend was fabulous in every way! We spent it busy with house work, family time and I got in some work at the new spin studio as they officially opened yesterday! So exciting!! Overall it was a really great weekend, but it definitely flew by quickly! I’m still in shock that we’re wrapping up the entire first month of the year THIS week. Were we not just celebrating New Years? How in the world did we already get to the end of January? Goodness, time sure if flying!

I’ve got quite a few randoms to share with you today, including how my book of the month is going!


So, I’m not quite sure but I think our Winter season might be a bit confused…I mean running in shorts is NOT something I’ll complain about EVER. However, we have below freezing lows tonight and snow/ice is a potential in our forecast next week. I know the Spring-like weather is totally playing with my emotions because these extra warm doses of Vitamin D are making me one happy runner girl!

Here lately, my go-to distances have been anywhere between 3.2-4 miles each run. I plan on stepping up my long-run game over the next week and into February so I can get adjusted to those half marathon distances for my upcoming Spring races! The Little Rock half marathon is right around the corner, so my training is in major need of a volume increase! I’m not too nervous about it though, because if all else fails and sub 2 doesn’t happen in this race, I’ve got all 2018 to try and reach my goal! Who knew flipping this giant house project for us could be so time consuming? It’s completely thrown me off my game, but I’m still making no excuses for getting my butt into gear over the next few weeks. What’s your go-to distance when you’re headed out for a run? I normally at least stick to a 5k as much as possible.

Another run, another post-run trip to Chipotle for the win. Their bean tacos hit the spot every time.

Also, these waffles are on my favorite go-to breakfast list lately! The vanilla really stands out in them and I absolutely love the flavor! I think if it was a life or death situation and I had to choose between waffles and pancakes, I’d choose waffles hands down. I’m not quite sure what life or death situation that might be that would include such a choice, but probably a pretty important one…;)

We’re trying out this Apple Chicken Sausage in our spaghetti tonight and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ve heard so many people say it’s so delicious, no matter what pair it with. So, I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! Fingers crossed we like it! We’re also giving a new sauce a try! This one has such simple ingredients and low sugar.

Remember how one of my New Year’s intentions was to read a book a month? Well, breaking news: I’ve almost completed my first book of 2018! I know there are so many of you out there who finish around 50 books a month or something and I so wish I could do that. 1 is plenty enough for me and I’m pretty proud I’ve read this one and have absorbed so much of it! I’ll have my very first book of the month review up this week, so stay tuned to hear how my thoughts on it!

Last thing before I go, next time you’re having trouble sleeping–give this yoga video a try! It’s so calming and relaxing for bedtime and might be my favorite way to wind down for the night. I’ve even broken it out before when I couldn’t fall back asleep in the middle of the night! It’s one of my favorites and I plan on doing it tonight!

I hope you guys have a great Monday!! Fingers crossed you start this week off strong!!

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What would you choose, waffles or pancakes?

What’s your usual go-to distance when you go out for a walk/run?

What’s one of your favorite ways to wind down before bed?