What's Up Wednesday: January 2018

Hi guys! Happy, happy Wednesday!! How’s your week going so far? I hope well! Anyone else feeling like someone snuck an extra day in this week so far? I know I sure am! Oh well, long live January, right?! 😉 (For today at least!)

It’s the last Wednesday of January and that means it’s time to link up with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay for the first “What’s Up Wednesday” of 2018! What is “What’s Up Wednesday” you ask? Good question! It’s a once a month Q & A post with my fellow bloggers in the blogosphere sharing extra fun and random things going on with us at the current moment! You guys know I’m all about sharing randoms so this post is definitely going to be a favorite of mine each month! Feel free to play along and join in on the fun and link up with us!

Each month we answer these questions:

So let’s just jump right in! Here we go!


1) What we’re eating this week:

We’ve been all about roasting veggies this week! We had the best potato combo last night of roasted sweet and russet potatoes on the side of delicious and fresh shrimp! It was super tasty and disappeared extra fast! We’re also stuck on a Halo Top kick! Peanut Butter Cup anyone?

2) What I’m reminiscing about:

I’ve been reminiscing about memories with our sweet family friend that has recently found out his cancer is terminal. We have the best memories with him and his family and I know they could use all the prayers they can get right now and over the next little while. We’ve been spending a lot of time the past few days going back to the good times and wishing there could be more of them.

3) What I’m loving:

Right now, I’m definitely loving fuzzy socks, the Goal Digger, I’ll Have Another and Luscious Living podcasts, and the extra sunny days we’ve been having this week! Hello Vitamin D!

4) What we’ve been up to:

We’ve been wrapping up the landscaping on the outside of our latest rehab project! It’s a lot bigger of project than we expected and has had us totally and completely exhausted the past few days. It sure does look a million times better though than before! This house is ALMOST to the finish line and we can’t wait to get it listed!! Fingers crossed House #4 ‘s sale goes quick and smoothly! We’re so excited to get the ball rolling and into House #5!

5) What I’m dreading:

Well, to be honest–it’s not a dread because it will mean we have sold another house of ours in the flipping world–but the whole in-between period of listing the house and the selling process is always a little up and down emotion wise, so fingers crossed we can find a really good buyer on this one that helps work with us to make the process as low stress as possible! 🙂 Oh real estate, you sure are fun, aren’t you!

6) What I’m working on:

Right now, I have a few things in the work for the blog which I’ll be sharing really soon! YAY! Including a few Vlogs coming your way really soon! In the meantime, I’m working on my half-marathon training plan that’s kicking into gear right now! I have a few races on the schedule coming up and I just have to find the time to really get into race shape, sooner rather than later!

Oh…and should I repeat myself and say we’re working on this house? Because that’s without doubt going on 99.9% of the time! HA! Paint, clean, landscape, then paint again…you get the idea!

7) What I’m excited about:

I’m excited about my February book of the month kicking off tomorrow! I’m trying to narrow down my options today so I can get started on it first thing in the morning! I have a few options to choose from, so I’ll let you know what makes the final cut for Book #2 of 2018!

8) What I’m watching/reading:

I just finished reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin yesterday. Review coming tomorrow! We’ve been watching plenty of SEC basketball if that counts, as well as our fair share of 20/20 dates every Friday! Those shows suck me in every time! Anyone else?

10) What I’m listening to:

I’m currently listening to The Cranberries channel on Pandora as I type this! We were talking the other day when we heard of the lead Cranberries singer passing away (ugh) and thought it’d be a great idea for all of the old 90’s bands to get together and do a live TV music festival/concert! How awesome would that be? Where did they all go and why can’t they all still make music??

11) What I’m wearing:

Right now, fuzzy socks, leggings and long sleeve tees are my day-to-day uniform! My fave!

12) What I’m doing this weekend:

On the schedule this weekend, I’m working a few hours at the spin studio on Saturday! Then, we plan on hopefully listing the house! AH! Also, self-care Sunday will be going down too!

13) What I’m looking forward to next month:

I’m looking forward to Nick’s birthday on the 8th and Cooper’s (my youngest fur baby) birthday on the 19th, Valentine’s Day–because it’s one of my favorites just for all the cutsie-ness involved and maybe a few snow days! Fingers crossed! I need a few more fireplace/hot cocoa dates in my future before Spring kicks into gear! I’m also super excited about the Olympics!!

14) What else is new:

Really, there’s not much else that’s on the horizon for now at least! That always could change by the day though…We’re just going with the flow trying to hold down the fort on this rehab project of ours and I’m working away over here on the blog! That’s about all!


And that’s a wrap on What’s Up Wednesday for January!! What’s going on in your world lately? Anything exciting coming up for you next month! Feel free to take some of the questions above that I answered and share your own thoughts in the comments below!

Questions of the day for YOU: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

1) What was one of your highlights in January?

2) What’s your favorite Pandora or Spotify channel?

3) What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

4) What’s your favorite Olympic sport to watch? (Winter or Summer!)

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