Friday 5: Five of my favorite ways to drink more water

Hi and Happy Fri-YAY!! I’m so excited it’s finally the weekend! Anyone else in celebration mode? This week has been non-stop go, go, go and I’m ready for a little slow down. We’ve been working away over here and haven’t really come up for air much the past few weeks, but the good side of that is we’re making serious progress on so many things! That can’t be a bad thing, right?! I hope your week has been so amazing for you and that your weekend is even better!

Today’s Friday 5 post is all about water and staying hydrated! I’m sharing 5 of my favorite ways to drink MORE water! This is something that I feel like comes up so much for everyone, which is trying to find ways to stay hydrated enough while not being bored by the same old water all the time. My taste buds can definitely get tired of downing plain water after water all the time, but I’ve developed a few tricks to help curb those bored taste buds and keep my hydration alive and well! Want to know how? Let’s jump right in!

Tip #1

Exchange your plain water for flavored sparkling water!

Anyone else a fan of La Croix? I know when I first tried it, I was not that big of a fan. I couldn’t really taste much flavor going on, but I did love the zingy carbonation that came with it. So, I stuck with it and kept giving a try. Honestly, I think sparkling water is just something that takes a bit for your taste buds to come around to. (Kind of like red wine in my opinion!) Once you get used to the subtle flavors and realize that it’s SO much better for you than downing those carbonated soft drinks, you’ll be hooked in no time. My favorite sparkling water is the Lime flavored La Croix. I’ve tried a few of the different flavors they have and so far lime wins for me. There are a few other sparkling waters I like at Target but be warned>>check the ingredients list and make sure to find the ones that don’t have aspartame in then. They like to sneak those in sometimes so just keep an eye out! The strawberry kiwi flavors are usually my go-to’s for other sparkling water drinks at the Target or Walgreens stores.

Tip #2

Challenge yourself with a daily water challenge!

I love doing water challenges to see how many bottles of water I can down in a day! I aim for around 4 of my 21 ounce Healthy Human bottles a day. This usually leaves me feeling so good by the end of the day and {bonus} keeps me motivated to drink up throughout the day! **Hydration tip: Try to aim for half of your body weight in ounces per day to keep your body well hydrated. I like to add a little bit more than that just because I like to be overly hydrated for running and things too because being dehydrated and sweating it out is no fun! I’m also part fish, so there’s that too…;)

Tip #3

Flavor your water!

I absolutely love tossing in a Nuun tablet to my water for extra flavor and even vitamins and minerals/energy too! If you’ve never tried these tablet’s, seriously you’re missing out! They’re the best little flavored treats to add to your water throughout the day to get those extra electrolytes while feeling like you’re indulging in a sweet drink! It’s the best of both worlds! These seriously were life savers when it came to marathon training and staying hydrated during those long runs mid-summer.

Tip #3

Buy a cute water bottle!

I know it sounds crazy, but if you have trouble actually WANTING to drink more water each day–get yourself a cute water bottle. While you’re at it, grab yourself some re-usable straws too!! It’s like a little way to trick your mind into actually liking your water, instead of dreading it! Weird, I know…but it does the trick every time! I carry mine everywhere I go, (and also accidentally leave it sometimes too! Oops!), as a constant reminder to drink up and stay hydrated on-the-go. This Healthy Human bottle is my favorite one that I’ve tried for so many reasons! It keeps my water cold for up to 24 hours (seriously, the ice stays in tact the entire time!), or keeps my coffee smoking hot for up to 12! It’s amazing and doesn’t hurt that I love the print! They have a ton of cute colors to pick from and sizes too! Feel free to use my code “JUSTME10” for 10% off your own Healthy Human purchase >>here<<.

Tip #4

Set reminders on your phone/Fitbit/apple watch to drink up!

This is super simple, but it’s such a good way to actually REMEMBER to drink your water during the day. I know that when life gets busy, it can be so easy to forget to drink as often as we should. This is when reminders can come in extra handy! You can set yourself a simple calendar notification to go off every few hours to remind yourself to grab that water bottle and drink a few ounces every so often. It doesn’t seem like it would help much, but it does wonders for me on my busy days! I like to combien these reminders with taking in 3 solid deep breaths too! Focusing on my breathing, slowing down and getting some hydration in all makes for developing some really good habits!

Tip #5

Add fresh lemon or lime juice to your water!

Fresh lemon water is not just super tasty, but is loaded with health benefits! I love to add fresh lemon or lime juice to warm water first thing in the morning, (before coffee!). It helps balance out your pH levels, supports digestion, boosts my immune system with it’s Vitamin C, helps to regulate blood pressure, cleanses the liver, reduces joint pain, and is a great source of potassium. Now, if that doesn’t make you grab that lemon next time you’re at the grocery store–I don’t know what would. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope these tips are all good reasons as to why you should start increasing your water intake on a daily basis! I promise, you’ll feel the difference throughout the day as you drink up and refill those water bottles! Now, what are you waiting for? Get to sippin’! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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What is your favorite way to remind yourself to drink more water each day?

Do you like sparkling water? If you do, what’s your favorite flavor/brand?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

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