Currently…February Edition

Hi friends! I’m so sorry to have been MIA the past few days! It’s been a little crazy around here but, never fear–I’m back though and have a full week planned of some blog posts, so get ready for it! One of those posts includes today’s “Currently” link up post! I am loving sharing a lot more of the random’s with you guys which is why I absolutely love doing these “Currently” type posts each month!

If you’re new around here, once a month I share 5 things I’m currently doing as part of a blogger link up with Anne In Residence! Today’s currently topics include what I’m “Finishing, Subscribing, Hearting, Wish-listing and Watching“!

Should we just jump right to it? I think we should! Let’s go!

Currently, I’m…..


All of the Valentine’s Day candy everywhere! Any other Skittles fans out there? I’ve been eyeballing the Skittles “Love Mix” since they released it last month! I told Nick this is all I’m wanting for Valentine’s Day which he gladly agreed to. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m so not complicated and neither is this holiday which I love!


Well, could you guess this one without me even telling you? Yep, we’re finally FINALLY finishing house #4 this week and plan to list it this weekend! I can’t even believe I’m typing those words either. We’re both SO excited to be at the finish line of this latest rehab and can’t wait to share the before and after’s with you guys!

Here’s a sneak peek of the last of our projects we got done this past week. Landscaping and the master bath!

You guys won’t believe the before’s of this backyard. It was more of a jungle than a backyard….seriously. Thank goodness that is no longer the case.


To all things Olympics! We have Roku and Sling for our TV and don’t necessarily watch just a ton of in general besides sports and movies. But, we’re excited to get to catch all of the Winter Olympics this year and can’t wait for opening ceremonies tomorrow night!


Well, while we wait for the Olympics to kick into high gear, I’ve been re-watching “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days” a lot on Netflix! It’s an oldie but a goodie! Plus, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are adorable in it!! I’m such a sucker for a good girly movie and they haven’t really made any new good ones in a while.

We’ve also been on a 20/20 kick too on the weekends when we want to kick back and relax between house work and things! Anyone else get sucked into those shows?


We’re totally wishlisting all things vacation and warmth. After working so hard the past few months we’re ready to take off for a good solid vacation really soon! The sun and the sand are calling our names and we can’t wait to pick our destination! It will be glorious I’m sure, no matter where we end up! What’s your favorite beach-y place to visit? We’d love to try somewhere new! Our favorite is Seaside in Santa Rosa Beach Florida! It’s basically heaven on earth and the ultimate vacation spot.

I hope your Wednesday is amazing for you!! Have a great rest of your day!!

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

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If you had to pick a vacation spot would you choose cold or warm destinations more often?

What is one thing you’re currently watching, wish listing, hearting, subscribing, or finishing?

What’s on the dinner menu tonight?

What’s your favorite candy?