Friday 5: Five of my most used kitchen items

Friday is HERE you guys! YAY!! Who else is super excited for the weekend? We have a rainy one on the way, but that’s A-OK in my book. Sometimes, a good rainy weekend is just what you need, right? I do have a few things scheduled but other than that we’re just sitting back and relaxing! I don’t think we’ve done that in quite a while so we’re pretty excited for some down time. I sure hope your weekend gets kicked off in the best of ways and that you have an amazing Friday! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog this morning!

Today’s Friday 5 is all about my favorite and most used kitchen items! Anyone find themselves using the same exact things in their kitchen over and over again? It’s almost like wearing the same tanks or tee’s in your closet over and over because they’re always fresh from the laundry! HA! Surely, I’m not the only one…I am constantly rotating my 5 favorite kitchen tools and I thought I’d share my favorites with you today!

I’ve linked to my favorite items below and they’re each underlined if you’d like to check them out for yourself! They are the exact or closest items that I use in my kitchen daily and are all great prices too–(which is always a bonus!)!

Let’s get right to it!

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5 favorite kitchen items

Electric Griddle

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve fired up our electric griddle at home. Dare I even tell you that we’ve packed it and traveled with it before? We’ve become addicted to using our griddle and have cooked everything from burgers to salmon to pancakes on it and won’t stop using it anytime soon. I used to use an actual griddle pan, but this actual electric griddle is a total game changer!

Food Processor

I just jumped onto the Food Processor train last year and only have one regret about it. I wish I would’ve started using one way earlier! I have endless amount of pins saved on Pinterest with food processor recipes and tips and tricks and had wanted one for so long before I finally jumped on board! So, last year Nick got me one and I’ve been in love with it ever since. It can literally do ANYTHING from homemade salsa to all natural nut butters. My personal favorite is when I’m needing a variety of super sliced and chopped veggies for a soup recipe and can just throw them all in at once and have it done within seconds. It’s amazing!


Before I got my food processor, I was using my blender from anything to smoothies to sweet potato casserole mixes and loved it just the same. I’ve used our blender SO much and continue to use it multiple times a week. The only reason I really felt like I needed to jump up from the blender to the processor sometimes was for my non-liquid recipes that needed blending. I also wanted something that could blender larger quantities so that’s where the processor came into play. But, for everything else, I’m all about whipping out our blender and use it ALL the time for our smoothies or anything else liquid that’s needing a good blend. My personal favorite is using it to make some nice cream.


Oh, how I love my Keurig Coffee Maker. I recently went on a vacation where they had the older style of coffee pot kitchen and I realized that I totally forgot how to make coffee with it! I’ve been using my Keurig for several years now and absolutely love every part of it! I don’t even just use it for coffee! I’ve used it for tea before and even for oatmeal! Anything that I’m needing a small-ish cup of hot water, I run the Keurig and it works like a charm every time!


Last but definitely not least used, is our fruit/veggie chopper. Similar but not-quite similar to the food processor–when it comes to chopping, this little kitchen item has been used SO much in my kitchen. I’ve used it to cube apples for oatmeal to cubed potatoes for soup! It can be so daunting knowing that you have veggies on veggies to peel and chop, but not when it comes to using this little guy. It’s so simple to use and makes the chopping/slicing process so much better! It’s also such an easy clean up which is my favorite part! I love that it keeps things nice and clean and keeps your chopped fruits/veggies in the little tray so you can just chop and pour wherever you need to! Recipe making is a breeze with this kitchen item and that’s why it will always make my favorites list!

And that’s my top 5 favorite kitchen items! I can’t tell you how many uses each of these items have had out of them. I definitely wouldn’t be able to whip up the recipes that I do without each and every one of them. They all definitely keep our kitchen world going ’round and ’round again! I have a few wishlist items to add to my list which would be an emulsifier blender and milk frother, so hopefully soon I can add those to my favorites list too! I’ve been eyeballing a few online for quite a while now. A girl can always dream of those Pinterest-like kitchens fully stocked with ALL the utensils known to man, right? HA! I’m definitely slowly adding to my collection and I love it whipping up new recipes with new kitchen tools and gadgets.

I hope you have the best Friday and enjoy every last drop!

Questions for YOU today: (Comment below with your thoughts!)

What’s your favorite kitchen item that use?

What’s the kitchen item that’s on your wishlist?

Any fun weekend plans? What’s on your agenda?

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