My morning routine

Good morning & happy Monday!! How was your weekend? I hope it was fabulous in every way! We had a really good weekend filled with family time, a showing and a little bit of work here and there. Oh, and the rain FINALLY came to a stop which is cause for celebration in my book! Today is absolutely gorgeous, sunny and the high is in the upper 60’s! I can’t wait to get outside and soak up all the Vitamin D possible. Before the day really gets going, I thought I’d take you on a little morning routine tour! For some reason, I always love seeing how people do what they do, including anything routine-type things they may have. I’m such a MAJOR creature of habit and love to get each day started pretty much in the same way, as often as I can. It keeps me content, keeps the anxiety at bay and helps me feel more in balance.

Here is what a typical morning looks like for me lately:

I typically wake up around 6-6:30 each morning, without an alarm. On mornings when I do rarely have to wake up to an alarm, I’m usually wide awake at least 15-20 minutes before it goes off. Weird internal alarm clock, I know.

The first thing I do every morning is let the boys outside. They’re always rearing to get out there, no matter what time I get up–but the earlier the better. They’re definitely a little slower than they used to be in the morning, as they age, but they’re always excited for everyone to get out of bed for the day. This is most likely so that they can take our spot back in the bed once we get up, but, ya know…I like to think they’re just overjoyed to see us each morning when they wake up. πŸ˜‰

They play outside for a bit and I head straight to the refrigerator to grab my water bottle. I ALWAYS start the day off with water BEFORE my coffee. Sometimes, I’ll have room temperature water and sometimes I’ll add lemon to it. It really just depends on my mood. But, I like to aim for drinking half of my water bottle (at least) first thing.

Next up, you guessed it–coffee time! Am I the only one that looks forward to the mornings specifically for my cup of coffee? Surely not! πŸ˜‰ These are our favorite coffee cups to drink out of because they’re the perfect size for coffee, and not to mention I love the style of them too! We grabbed them at Home Goods last year with one of our random store credits we had for a past return and have been drinking out of them every day, ever since.

Then, I usually grab my coffee and head outside to soak up some fresh morning air while the dogs finish up playing, sniffing around and whatever else they’re up to. Bright morning sunlight puts me in the best moods as I’m a total morning person and always have been.

After that, we all head back inside and it’s treat time for these two. (A.K.A. Their favorite part of their morning routine!)

Then, I head off to the bathroom to get myself ready for the day. Typical face washing, teeth brushing and mane-taming goes down there! I usually shower at night and let my hair air dry most days, so I get to skip that step most mornings. I’m to that point where every day is a ponytail type of day because I’m in desperate need of a trim ASAP! These ends are screaming for the hair salon for a serious chop really soon! Anyone else get serious short hair envy come Spring time? I know I do!

After I finish there, I head to the sunroom. Its my favorite spot to get started for the day because of all of the windows and natural light. I usually finish my coffee here and check my e-mail and do some scrolling, responding to messages and things from my phone.

Next, I grab my journaling notebook, planner and to-do list to brain dump what I have scheduled for the day. I typically spend about 10 minutes or so journaling my gratitude thoughts while I listen to my daily devotional. It’s the best time for me to clear my mind and set my intentions/focus for the day. My daily devotional is typically reading a quick “Proverbs 31” email that’s sent out each morning followed by a 2 minute “Jesus Calling” daily chapter from my Audiobook version.

Then, I pour out all of the tasks I know I need to get done for the day on my always growing, to-do list. I feel like if I don’t write it down, it’s pretty much not going to get done. Plus, I always feel 10x more accomplished when I get to mark things off of my list throughout the day. #todolistjunkie

Usually after I wrap all of that up, Nick is awake and getting going for the day too. From there we kick off our morning together with breakfast which typically consists of bagels, oatmeal, or peanut butter toast and fruit of some sort. Peanut butter toast, bananas and honey has been on repeat lately because it’s just always SO good!

After breakfast, I get started on my blog post for the day and get to responding to comments and things. It really is my favorite way to start the morning.

Of course, these two get snuggled in right beside me while work and they get started on nap #1 of 15 of the day. They are the definition of velcro dogs for sure, but I really don’t mind one bit.

Once that’s all done, we’re ready to tackle the rest of the day filled with all kinds of randomness and errands galore. When we were in the construction phase of this latest rehab house, we almost ALWAYS headed straight to Home Depot or Lowe’s right after breakfast. Luckily we’ve had a bit of a break since we listed it! I’m sure they miss us though…;) Don’t worry, we’ll be back really soon guys!


So, that’s what a typical morning looks like for me! Of course, there are days when it looks nothing like this because our schedules change for the day all the time or we’re completely exhausted and don’t get up and going near as early! But, if I had to choose–every morning would be slow and easy going with no alarm clock! Oh, and the beach would be in our backyard too…but that’s down the road in our future dream house… you get the idea though, right?! πŸ˜‰

I hope you guys have a fantastic Monday and get to start your week off on a productive note! Fingers crossed something extra amazing happens for you today!


Questions for YOU today:

Are you a morning or night person?

Do you follow a typical routine on a daily basis?

What was the best part of your weekend?