What's Up Wednesday : February 2018

Good Morning you guys! Happy, happy hump day!! We’re officially to the end of February, can you believe it? I sure can’t! Where on earth did the past 2 months go? It’ll be Christmas before we know it. Juuuuuust kidding! (Well, kind of! ;)) We still have a few more months to savor before the stores start stocking the Christmas decor and things of that nature, right?! I mean it DOES get earlier and earlier each year…ANYWAYS, I hope you’ve had a fabulous February and have successfully stuck to your New Years Resolutions up to this point. Remember those little pesky guys? Yeah…

It’s the last Wednesday of February and that means it’s time to link up with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay for “What’s Up Wednesday“! What is “What’s Up Wednesday” you ask? Good question! It’s a once a month Q & A post with my fellow bloggers in the blogosphere sharing extra fun and random things going on with us at the current moment! You guys know I’m all about sharing randoms so this post is definitely a favorite of mine each month! Feel free to play along and join in on the fun and link up with us!

Each month we answer these questions….

Let’s jump right on in!

1) What we’re eating this week:

We’re on a huge spaghetti kick lately! We recently tried to mix things up a bit with using different types of noodles and it’s only taken our love for it to a whole new level. We also swap out the ground beef for ground turkey meat and it tastes equally as delicious every time! We also have my niece’s 10th birthday this weekend so birthday cake will without a doubt be consumed in the next few days!

2) What I’m reminiscing about:

With the Little Rock Marathon in town THIS weekend, I’m definitely reminiscing back to my very first ever half marathon. While I’m not racing this weekend (total half marathon training flop on my end! Blah….) I absolutely love the buzz of all the amazing runners and racers filling up the city downtown. It’s SUCH a fun race and the medals are beyond worth every last step of the race. That first 13.1 was what made me fall in complete love with running! ❤ Ahhh….the memories!

3) What I’m loving:

I’m loving the down time that we’re having in between the sale of this latest rehab house. While the weather has been nothing less than pretty down right bad timing and super gloomy for real estate shopping, we’re seeking out the positives and at least taking full advantage of the slower days in between projects. We have been GOING-GOING-GOING since May of last year with the renovations on this one and this break is much needed. Now if only we can get the sun to stick around for these buyers to come out, THAT’D be great…

4) What we’ve been up to:

With all the said downtime we’ve really been getting in plenty of mileage and workouts since we listed the house. Pretty much every day we’ve been getting in some form of exercise whether it’s long walks, runs, yoga (well, me at least on the yoga part), or hikes–we’ve been covering it all. It’s so nice to get back outside and not worry about having to rush back to tackle 18,000 items on our work to-do list for this house.

5) What I’m dreading:

I’m dreading the Spring time rain…I know it means that warmer temps are on their way but with that heavy dose of rainfall we had last week–more rain just doesn’t sound super fun to me right now. I AM, however, excited for the Spring blooms that seem to be slowly popping up around town.

6) What I’m working on:

3 things: I’m working on wrapping up my review on Big Magic (February Book of the Month!) which is coming your way this week! And, I’m finally getting around to working on the VLOG posts I’ve been meaning to do for what seems like forever. I went to school for Broadcast Journalism way back when, but for some reason the idea of creating/editing videos is so intimidating to me. BUT, nonetheless I definitely want to incorporate more VLOGs with my daily blogs, so they’re officially in the works! I’m ALSO working on my March editorial calendar for the blog! Feel free to share in the comments what you’d like to read more of next month! What would you like from me? I’m all ears!

7) What I’m excited about:

My dad texted us the other day and told us he bought a new boat! That means plenty of lake weekends are coming SO soon and I can’t wait! We also have big plans to camp a lot more this Spring/early Summer and I couldn’t be more excited about that either! My inner outdoorsy girl is squealing with joy! Bring on the lake-filled weekends!

8) What I’m watching/reading:

I’m currently finishing up reading “Big Magic” today by Elizabeth Gilbert. And, we’ve been watching plenty of SEC basketball lately. Our teams are always Arkansas (of course!) and Kentucky (where both of my parents are from.)

9) What I’m listening to:

I’ve been loving the Natalie Grant channel on Pandora along with Amos Lee and 90’s Radio! I’m old school, I know it! 😉

10) What I’m wearing:

Shorts & light jackets all day every day!

11) What I’m doing this weekend:

We’re celebrating my cute niece’s birthday! Brooklyn is turning 10 on Sunday and her party is on Saturday! She’s the cutest little person and my favorite human in all of the world!

I just feel like she should still look like this though…This is one of my most favorite pictures ever that we have of her and it’s from the weekend she was born. Doesn’t she just look like a doll? Ugh, the cutest.

12) What I’m looking forward to next month:

Well, I’m hoping our house is S-O-L-D by then so we can be moving, but other than that I’m looking forward to new running goals and gearing up for Spring racing season. I’ve been a complete runner fail the past few months and I just can’t stand it. SO I’m picking out a few 5ks and some 10ks to knock out and I’m diving in 100%. No more life getting in the way of running and ZERO excuses stopping this girl.

13) What else is new:

Nothing else is really “new” right now for us in our neck of the woods. Hopefully some pretty exciting things will be coming really soon though! I have a pretty good feeling about March….here’s hoping it’s the best month of 2018 yet!


And that’s all for February’s edition of What’s Up Wednesday! Plenty of randomness and all kinds of love for this past month, but I’m pretty excited to bring in a new month with new goals and opportunities!

That’s enough about me, which brings me to YOU!!!!

Questions for YOU today:

What’s been going on in your world lately? Anything super exciting coming up for you in March?

If you could rate February on a scale of 1-10 what would you give it? (1 being bad and 10 being greatest month ever!)

What’s your favorite day of the week and WHY?